Can Get Protection from Covid-19 – Immunization for children as well as adults is increasingly important in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, because the Covid-19 vaccine is still intended for people aged 6 years and over, children aged 5 years and under need to be equipped with routine immunizations.

Head of the UNICEF Representative Office for the Sulawesi-Maluku Region Henky Widjaja, PhD., said that by completing routine immunizations, it could actually protect children from the risk of worsening Covid-19 if infected.

“Immunization is very important for today’s conditions. We know there are many diseases in the world, we are grateful that most diseases can be prevented by vaccines from an early age. There are 26 types of vaccines and some have become routine immunizations from the government, free of charge. It is effective in preventing many disease. Even later ones can be related to covid,” said Henky in an Instagram live broadcast with Radio Al-Markaz Makassar, Sunday (6/3/2022).

He gave an example, BCG immunization which is injected since the newborn, its main function is to prevent tuberculosis. That is, it can protect the lungs from bacterial and viral infections, such as Covid-19.

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Health workers at the puskesmas administer the Diphtheria Tetanus (DTTD) immunization regularly "Drive Thru"at Pondok Betung Health Center, South Tangerang, Banten, Saturday (11/14/2020). [ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Iqbal]
Health center health workers inject Diphtheria Tetanus (DTTD) immunization by “Drive Thru”, at Pondok Betung Health Center, South Tangerang, Banten, Saturday (11/14/2020). [ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Iqbal]

Henky added that children with complete immunizations will have a stronger immune system. So rarely get sick or get sick. It is known that Covid-19 infection may worsen in people who have comorbidities.

“We are talking about comorbidities, we only talk about high blood pressure, diabetes, without talking about the high child mortality rate due to Covid. In the case of child deaths, apart from Covid, it is also due to congenital diseases. It is unfortunate that at the beginning of the pandemic there was a decrease in immunization and (increase in children) deaths. ,” he said.

He emphasized that with immunization children can be protected from many dangerous diseases.

“Some serious diseases such as diabetes can be prevented by immunization against polio, measles. BCG TB if a child is exposed to it, the risk is also high if it is infected with Covid,” he concluded.

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