Can Improve Your Mood, Try These 5 Foods – Food can have a tremendous impact on a person’s overall mood. A full and healthy stomach is indeed very important for the function of the human brain.

Therefore, people should not only eat food for survival but should also focus on healthy food.

According to Clinical Neuropsychiatrist, Daniel Amen, one of the 7 secrets of neuroscience to happiness is to enjoy foods and drinks that can make you feel better. Not only for a moment, but also long term.

Experts say comfort foods like pizza and ice cream are temporary.

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But, foods that actually contain the chemical happiness-inducing nutrients and hormones in the body will have a long-term effect on happiness. The following is quoted from Times of Indiagood food to improve mood.

Illustration of Fruits.  (Pixabay)
Illustration of Fruits. (Pixabay)

1 piece

Fruits and berries can have a good impact on the mood and the human body. This food is very rich in antioxidants which are very important for human health.

Moreover, fruits and berries and vegetables that are seasonal, are grown organically and are not given pesticides and other plant growth drugs.

2. Healthy oil

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Many people avoid using oil, because it is considered bad for health. But, Dr. Amin advises to use healthy oils. Because, healthy cooking oil is rich in antioxidants that are good for health and mood.

3. Eggs

Eggs are also foods that can help improve mood. Experts say eggs are loaded with choline which helps produce neurotransmitters, thereby helping to improve mood.

Eggs provide B-12, folate, protein and healthy fats, which are important for brain function. Egg yolks are packed with carotenoids which are just as good.

4. Foods with a low glycemic index

Foods with a high glycemic index can cause drowsiness, because they cause sudden variations in blood sugar levels. These foods increase blood sugar levels and the processing process is also not like other foods.

Therefore, consume foods with a low glycemic index in order to have a healthy body and positive mind.

5. Dark chocolate

Foods with a low glycemic index to have a healthy body and positive mind.

Sugar facilitates the release of insulin which produces feel-good chemicals known as endorphins to induce a type of euphoric feeling in humans.