Can Instagram Reels Video Be Archived Or Hide?

Can Instagram Reels Videos Archive Or Hide Headers[Ilustrasi: Pixabay]

Gadgetren – Not wanting to be outdone by other social networks, Instagram has introduced the Reels feature that allows users to upload short videos like TikTok or SnackVideo.

But there are times when you sometimes want to archive or hide some unused Reels videos so that the Profile page looks neater and more pleasing to the eye.

Unlike Posts and Stories which have the Archive feature, Reels on Instagram unfortunately cannot be archived at all. But you can use another alternative if Reels really want to be hidden so that other users can’t see it.

How to Temporarily Hide Instagram Reels

Remove Reels on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram on your cellphone and log in to your account
  2. Touch menu Profile icon profile picture at the bottom right
  3. Select tab Reels
  4. Search and select videos Reels
  5. Press the button Options icon three dots at the bottom right
  6. In the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Delete

Once deleted, your Reels video will automatically not be visible on the Profile page anymore. In other words, the Reels video is no longer accessible to others.

To be able to access and view the deleted Reels video earlier, you must see it in the Recently Delete menu which contains the content you just deleted.

Looking Back Removed Reels

  1. On the Instagram Profile page, select the menu Options icon three lines at the top right
  2. In the pop-up menu that appears, select menu Your activity
  3. Next, select Recently Deleted
  4. Go to tab Reels and look for the video that was deleted earlier

For the record, Reels in Recently Deleted are only available for 30 days before being removed by the system forever. To get around this, you can restore the reels on day 29 and delete them again so that it extends the time they are hidden.

But that of course requires you to remember for yourself the right time so you need to be careful. By default, it’s unfortunate that Instagram doesn’t provide a feature for archiving Reels.

Especially now that Reels is one of the content that is seen by many Instagram users. This is indeed natural considering the current shift in the entertainment of social media users, which is more towards short audio-visual entertainment.

Plus Reels usually presents short videos with many categories ranging from entertainment, comedy, education, travel guides, culinary guides, cooking, and many more that are packaged in an interesting way.