Canadian Police Clear Parliament’s Way to Disperse Demonstration

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) – Canadian police aggressively repelled demonstrators, taking over trucks and clearing roads in front of Parliament.

Many trucks left the area in Ottawa under pressure. The development raised authorities’ hopes of an end to three weeks of protests against COVID-19-related restrictions in the country.

Police in riot gear, who were deployed from all over the country, managed to control the situation on Saturday (19/2). They controlled the demonstrators, who faced one of the largest law enforcement actions in Canadian history.

Around noon on Saturday (19/2), protest organizers said they had ordered trucks to move from the Parliament Buildings.

At least 147 people have been arrested on Friday (18/2) and Saturday (19/2), mostly on minor charges. And more than 20 vehicles have been towed, including those blocking major roads in the capital. [vm/ft]