Can’t Give Likes on Instagram? This is the solution

Have you ever been blocked or restricted (restrict) by Instagram and left you unable to give likes? This happens because we leave a comment or likes too much in a short amount of time.

Not only likeswe also can’t write comments and can’t follow (follow) or unfollow someone (unfollow). The Instagram party deliberately restricts our activities temporarily because we are suspected of being bot or spammers.

Don’t worry, this is not the end of everything. Our Instagram account can return to normal. Here’s how to fix it!

1. This restriction is not permanent

Can't Give Likes on Instagram?  This is the solutionActivity restriction notification by Instagram. (IDN Times/Nena Zakiah)

Instagram imposes restrictions because it suspects our account is a fake account. Intentionally or not, you may have done some of these things:

  • Our account is very new, but posting too much content
  • We like too many photos in a short time
  • We have commented on many posts at the same time
  • We are being followed by several users who are suspected of being bot, fake accountsor spammers
  • We have followed or unfollowed many people

Fortunately, these restrictions are not permanent. Sometimes, Instagram gives a notification when a restriction ends. However, sometimes it just shows a warning, like the photo above.

What should we do? We just have to wait. The fastest is 48 hours, but some can take up to 7 days to two weeks!

2. Temporarily stop all activities

Can't Give Likes on Instagram?  This is the solutionillustration of logging out Instagram (

The first thing to do after being restricted is to be inactive for a while. quote Instazoodfor the first 7 days we are closely monitored by Instagram’s security system.

In those 7 days, any activity can make the alarm ring. As a result, we will get restrictions again. That’s whywe need to be extra careful in the first week and use minimal features as possible.

By the wayeven though we can’t give likescomments, and following or unfollowing others, we can still send messages via direct message (DM).

3. Upload posts so that we are considered active users, not bots

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Can't Give Likes on Instagram?  This is the solutionillustration of uploading a new post ( Patyane)

We need to do something so that Instagram’s security system doesn’t think of us as spammers, but ordinary app users. After 7 days, do activities carefully, such as liking and commenting on only a few posts.

In addition, upload posts so that we are considered active users, the page suggests Instazood. The posts can be in the form of Stories, Feeds, Reels, to IG TV.

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4. Send report to Instagram

Can't Give Likes on Instagram?  This is the solutionReport form on Instagram. (IDN Times/Nena Zakiah)

If you’ve been waiting a long time, but the restrictions don’t end, try sending a report to Instagram. quote Instagram Help Center, provide as much detail as possible about the problem in the report. And don’t forget to include screenshots or screenshots.

How do I access the report form? Go to our profile, then click the three lines at the top right. select Settings > Help > Report a Problem > fill in the form and Submit. Don’t forget to write in English. Wait a moment because Instagram needs time to the report.

5. After the restriction ends, pause each action

Can't Give Likes on Instagram?  This is the solutionillustration of like, follow, and comment ( Dina)

Finally, the restrictions from Instagram are over. Now we can do activities like normal users. But, how can we avoid repeating the same mistakes?

For the first week, do activities with caution. Give time lag on each photo that we like. After liking a photo, it is recommended to wait 10-15 seconds before liking another photo.

The same goes for commenting, following or unfollowing others, and uploading posts. If we do activities too fast, Instagram’s security system will think of us as spammers.

Well, that’s the solution if we can’t provide likes on Instagram. I hope this helps!

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