Car Rental Application From India, Zoomcar Operates in Indonesia, Jakarta – Zoomcar, a car rental application, announced the launch of its services in Indonesia. The platform from India is here to provide a choice of car rental access to the people of the country.

The presence of the Zoomcar car rental application in Indonesia is inseparable from the company’s success in obtaining additional funding through a private placement. The funds obtained were worth USD 92 million or IDR 1.3 trillion led by SternAegis Ventures.

According to Zoomcar’s President – ​​International Operations, Sreejith Hrishikesh, this additional fund was used to develop the Zoomcar car rental platform in India and several countries in Asia such as Indonesia.

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“At Zoomcar we have always focused on personal mobility. After our recent presence in Vietnam and Egypt, we are excited to expand our presence to other markets in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia,” said Sreejith.

In addition, the company will also invest in the platform engineering, data science sophisticated application of IoT, machine learningto insurance to continuously improve the user experience.

“Zoomcar also plans to extend software solutions for businesses to original parts manufacturers and insurance companies,” said Sreejith.

As for services in Indonesia, the Zoomcar car rental application has appointed Tessa Karina as Marketing Head of Zoomcar Indonesia.

Based on an official statement received on Tuesday (22/3/2022), Karina will be tasked with developing the business and providing the best service for Zoomcar users throughout Indonesia.

Zoomcar Indonesia online car rental application
Marketing Head of Zoomcar Indonesia, Tessa Karina (Photo source: Zoomcar Indonesia)

“We are very pleased to welcome Tessa as our new Marketing Head in Indonesia and look forward to her experience in aggressively growing our business and building strong partnerships to contribute to our growth,” he explained.

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On the other hand, Karina admitted that she was very happy to be a part of Zoomcar Indonesia. He is very enthusiastic about building sustainable growth for the company as well as providing a positive socio-economic impact for the community.

“Zoomcar’s goal in presenting a new concept of transportation mode is also in line with my vision as a professional marketer who wants to always innovate,” said Karina.

“In the future, I am optimistic that with Zoomcar Indonesia, we can record significant growth,” he continued.

Currently, the Zoomcar car rental application can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store and App Store platforms. (NM/MF)