Case closed! Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Not Exploding, But Burning, Jakarta – The alleged exploding Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra case has entered its final chapter. Xiaomi Indonesia has provided a solution and has been accepted by consumers who experience this problem.

According to the official statement received TelsetXiaomi Indonesia has spoken directly with the owner of the cellphone named Bryan, while simultaneously apologizing for the inconvenience experienced by users.

“The solution offered by Xiaomi Indonesia has been well received, Mr. Bryan and we appreciate the input given regarding our after-sales service,” said Stephanie Sicilia, Head of PR Xiaomi Indonesia.

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“As a fan-oriented company, we are committed to always maintaining customer trust by continuing to maintain the best quality products and services in an effort to bring innovation to all,” concluded Stephanie.

Meanwhile, Bryan, who previously reported that his Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra allegedly exploded, also said his complaint was resolved.

“The Xiaomi Indonesia team has contacted me, my last complaint was finally resolved and I’m super happy with the final result,” Bryan wrote on his personal Instagram account.

In the same post, Bryan also clarified if the use of the word “exploding” was a bit inappropriate. Because, what actually happened was that only a few parts were burned.

According to Bryan’s explanation, technically the incident might have been triggered by humidity because his Mi 11 Ultra had previously had an LCD replacement service.

“But overall, the case is over. Thank you to everyone who helped with this problem, and a big thank you to the @xiaomi.indonesia team,” he concluded.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Burning Chronology

Xiaomi Indonesia Responds To Explosive Mi 11 Ultra Case

In the chronology that Bryan told, at that time he was editing a video using the Power Director application installed on his computer smartphone.

The cellphone that was still using the casing suddenly turned off and then emitted smoke. According to his confession, the back of his Xiaomi 11 Ultra feels very hot.

“Especially in the SIM card, it’s like I’m holding a hot iron,” said Bryan.

The next day, the owner of the Mi 11 Ultra that exploded immediately took his phone to an authorized service center.

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Bryan said the Xiaomi service center explained that there were no defects or omissions from users. However, the information from the service center changed and judged that the exploded unit could not be replaced due to user error.

In fact, according to him, the smart phone for Rp. 17 million has a 2-year warranty. When this incident occurred, his Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra had only been used for 9 months.

Then the owner is advised to contact hotline. But unfortunately, he admitted that he was “thrown around” to several parties, starting from hotline to return to the service center.

The Xiaomi service center, who considers the incident to be user negligence, is reluctant to provide repair services. Still from Bryan’s statement, Xiaomi also did not provide a new unit as a replacement.

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Instead, Bryan got a voucher for 50% of the price of the cellphone he bought. Bryan firmly refused the compensation given.

“I’m very disappointed that Xiaomi insists that this is a “negligence” from me and they insist that they only want to give a 50% voucher (the price of the cellphone was 17 million when I bought it) and didn’t want to give a new unit replacement,” Bryan wrote. (HR/MF)