Causes and Solutions Why Akulaku Loans Didn’t Pass Verification

Why Akulaku Loans Did Not Pass Verification – Akulaku is one of the applications that is widely used by users to make credit and online loans. However, many users use this application to buy product needs with a buy now pay later system or paylater. For those of you who have often used this application, you must be very familiar with Akulaku and its application system.

Therefore, on this occasion we will not discuss the advantages or disadvantages of the Akulaku application, but rather the problems that are still experienced by many users, namely why Akulaku loans do not pass verification. This is quite a problem for every user because if Akulaku does not pass the loan verification, then you will not be able to make any transactions.

Previously you had to be able to distinguish between registration and verification, simply because registration is a process that must be done by all users to be able to use the Akulaku application. While verification is the process of including important data as a consideration for conducting transactions or other activities in the application. Then what are the causes and solutions for my Akulaku loan not passing verification?

Causes and Solutions Why Akulaku Loans Didn’t Pass Verification

Why Akulaku Loans Didn't Pass Verification

Usually in applications based on finance, banking, loans, and so on, they will use a verification system that is mandatory for users for various reasons. This reason is mostly due to security as well as checking user data to avoid unwanted things in the future.

You could say the verification process at Akulaku is a continuation of the credit analysis process to consider whether the user is eligible for financial facilities and loans. It has several indicators that will usually be determined by the relevant parties, although most companies consider financial data such as salaries, banking history, employment, and so on.

Therefore, usually the decision will be absolute and cannot be contested if the verification process is rejected or not accepted. Usually in the case of Akulaku application, the verification process will take about 24 hours. This time is the longest estimate because many users can get a decision 15 to 30 minutes later.

To answer your curiosity why my Akulaku loan did not pass verification even though you have filled in complete and honest data and attached the appropriate photos and selfies. The following is a complete discussion that you can see the causes and how to overcome these problems:

1. Incomplete Verification Data Requirements

The main cause that most likely occurs is incomplete requirements so that the Akulaku system refuses verification. Data requirements are quite important in the verification application process, so you must complete the data needed to pass verification which usually includes a photo ID, original salary slip or account for the last 3 months, and NPWP.

The solution is don’t give up on submitting a re-verification according to the specified time because usually the system will give a time lag to repeat the verification process. Enter the data honestly and according to the instructions so that your credit or installment application can be accepted.

2. Not Meeting My Criteria or Standards

The next cause is not much different and still has a connection from the previous discussion, namely if you feel you have completed all the data needed when applying for verification but are still rejected. This is because Akulaku has certain standards and criteria to accept users who are eligible to be given an installment or credit limit.

These indicators are only known by Akulaku itself and are usually systemized automatically so that when a user does not meet the appropriate criteria and standards, it will be automatically rejected. The solution is to struggle to work and get a salary above the average so that when you enter salary and work data you can convince Akulaku to accept your application.

3. Still Have Arrears or Current Credit

The next cause is that there is a possibility that you still have arrears on other online loan applications so that it is detected by the system that you are a risky user. In addition, it is also possible that you still have installments or credit running on the Akulaku application that must be paid off first so you can use the limit as usual.

Although this one cause is rare, remember if you still have other loans on different applications. So that your data is read by the integrated Akulaku system and causes you not to pass the verification. The solution is to pay off the installments or current credit first and make payments on other online loan applications if you have arrears.

Finally, that’s a detailed discussion of why Akulaku’s loan did not pass complete verification with solutions that you can do to overcome these problems. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and don’t forget to share if it is useful for others. Thank you for reading this article to the end and see you in the next article!