Causes of Bumps in Miss V and How to Overcome It – Of course, women will panic and feel anxious when they find out that there is a lump in Miss V. There are many things that can cause this condition, ranging from harmless normal abnormalities, infections, to cancer. Therefore, it is better to immediately consult with the right doctor online. How to download here for free.

To be more vigilant, the following will introduce some of the things that cause lumps in Mis V, including:

1. Cyst on Miss V’s Lips

Miss V’s lips have several types of glands, including Bartholin’s and Skene’s glands. These glands can become blocked and infected for some reason, then form a cyst.

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A cyst is a pocket filled with fluid or pus. Generally, the formation of cysts due to trauma or infection. Cysts on the lips of Miss V are small and non-infectious. Usually do not cause symptoms or do not require special treatment. However, cysts that trigger symptoms and become infected, such as swelling and pain, should be treated immediately.

2. Cyst in Miss V

Cysts in Miss V can form on the walls of Miss V with the size of a pea. Generally, the cause of cysts in Miss V is due to trauma during childbirth. So, don’t be surprised if you find some lumps near the vaginal opening or wall after giving birth to a baby. The shape is small and the condition is quite reasonable.

Generally, the formation of cysts on the walls of the vagina does not cause disturbing symptoms. However, these cysts can cause problems during intercourse if they are too large.

3. Obstruction of the Fat Glands

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The next cause of lumps in the vagina is due to a blockage in the fat glands, when there are quite a lot of fat glands in the vagina. Eventually, the blockage of the gland triggers the growth of small, yellowish-white bumps called Fordyce spots.