Celebrity Wardah Maulina chooses to do tahnik for her child, this is the advantage of natural immunization!

Suara.com – Celebrity celebrity Wardah Maulina and her partner, Natta Reza, look happy with the arrival of their first child, a girl, Zakia Xena Humaria.

Recently, Wardah Maulina and Natta Reza also chose to give their children natural immunization with the Tahnik method.

Wardah Maulina and Natta Reza agreed to conduct a tahnik on January 30, 2022 with Ustadz Adi Hidayat.

They even uploaded a video on Instagram showing footage of the process of Ustadz Adi Hidayat doing tahnik on their first child.

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“Alhamdulillah Zakia, today at Tahnik Ustadz @adihidayatofficial, hopefully Zakia will be a pious child and can memorize the Koran like Ustadz AH, amen,” said @wardahmaulina.

Natta Reza and Wardah Maulina [Instagram]
Natta Reza and Wardah Maulina [Instagram]

Tahnik is one of the sunnah that the Prophet Muhammad SAW did to newborns. This tahnik process is carried out by the father chewing the dates until smooth, then placed on the roof of the baby’s mouth.

According to doctor Zaidul Akbar, the technique performed by the Prophet for the children of the Prophet’s companions was good for health. Because, children will get prebiotics from this technique method.

“Prebiotic food and dates are one of the best prebiotics, because they are given on the roof of the baby’s mouth or tongue, so that the baby is absorbed more quickly into the body,” said Zaidul Akbar in his Youtube video.

He also explained that prebiotics are good and important substances for bacteria or probiotics. Prebiotics are food for good bacteria, so their performance will be maximized in the body.

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When a baby is born through the mother’s womb or vagina due to a normal delivery, then she already gets the good bacteria and makes her immune system better.

So, this technique allows babies to get complete nutrition after a few days of being born through the birth canal or born normally through the mother’s vagina.

“Babies will feel there is a very good glucose to increase intelligence through this technique,” he said.