Centralized Meter Recording Application, Here is the Link and How to Use It!

Over time, the government continues to develop its technology in all fields, including the services of PLN or the State Electricity Company. PLN is one of the largest electricity supply companies for the community, so there are many new innovations that need to be improved to facilitate services to the wider community so that all of them get facilities equally.

To improve these services, PLN has created a Centralized Meter Record Application or also known as ACMT, but many people mistakenly think that ACMT can be used by the public like other applications. In fact, this application is intended for employees or employees on duty at PLN to improve facilities and meet the electricity needs of the community through PLN officers.

This application contains various useful features including KWH recapitulation of electricity users, history of stand meter recap, meter reader master data, billing checks for customer data correction, customer billing information, sending customer bills via SMS, and much more. Although this application can only be used by PLN officers, it does not rule out the possibility of a special customer application later.

So don’t get me wrong again, regarding ACMT PLN, for those of you who may be new to this application, we will provide a summary of information that might be useful for you in the future. Regardless of your status as a customer or officer, there’s nothing wrong with adding information about this one application!

Overview of the PLN Centralized Meter Record Application?

Centralized Meter Record App

This centralized meter recording application was created specifically for PLN officers who often go to the field to find out various customer-related data easily and systematically. This application also contains important customer records to provide quick access to PLN officers to check the problems experienced by customers.

This application is also made to avoid technical errors from PLN officers, maybe all this time you have seen PLN officers who rely on manual notes when coming to customers’ homes and this is very risky because the recorded data is prone to errors so that it will provide invalid data later.

Therefore, ACMT is a new breakthrough for PLN officers to make it easier to carry out their duties and can quickly resolve customer problems related to electricity disturbances or other things. ACMT is also a place to store data without the risk of errors and mistakes that will affect the performance of PLN services.

For how to use it, this application is integrated with the PLN server and each officer has been given login data to access this application such as a username and password. So for those of you who are not PLN officers, you will not be able to use this application because it requires a username and password from the PLN.

How to use it is to log in first to the ACMT application then scan the barcode on the customer’s electricity meter then this application will connect to the PLN server and will display the data needed by the officer which can be said to be very accurate and easy.

ACMT 2022 PLN Application Download Link

If you are a PLN officer and are looking for the ACMT download link as a customer service support application, we have looked for the download link, which you can click on the following link ( https://portalapp.iconpln.co.id/acmt/) Make sure you have a sufficient internet connection and a smartphone that supports the installation of this application.

How to Install the PLN 2022 ACMT Application

For how to install it, here are the steps you can follow so don’t miss any of the following steps:

  • The first step, please download the application first with the link we have provided above
  • Then click settings or settings on the phone then click security
  • After that click allow install from unknown sources, make sure that the menu is checked
  • Open the file manager to find the application you downloaded earlier
  • Click the application and wait for the installation to complete
  • To make sure the application is installed, you can check it on the home menu on your phone
  • Finished

The final word

So many articles that we can convey about an application made specifically for PLN officers, namely the 2022 Centralized Meter Record Application that you can use as a reference. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and if this is also useful for others, don’t forget to share, stay tuned for the latest info from our site!