Chatting with NFT Livestock and Young People’s FOMO About NFT — Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork is again being loved by young Indonesians. Especially after Ghozali Everyday hit social media thanks to his personal NFT collection which sold up to billions of rupiah.

In fact, today’s youth understand more about NFT than stocks. That’s because the value of NFT can be several times more cuan compared to stocks with a fast time.

The price of NFT can be expensive because no one dominates the NFT trading scheme. The value of the NFT artwork is created by the seller and the buyer. So, the price is not determined by a third party.

This week’s Community Week program invited representatives from the NFT Livestock community, namely Fathur Rahman Prawira and Muhammad Daffa Pasha to chat casually about the NFT phenomenon among young Indonesians, Ghozali’s influence, FOMO habits, and other exciting things.

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