Cheap and Good Coffee Cafe in Bandar Lampung (Curhat Together)

The existence of a cafe in Indonesia in recent years has really been loved by young people, starting from the simple one hang out just to really want to enjoy a cup of coffee. However, did you know a cheap and good coffee cafe in Bandar Lampung?

Yep! The answers are very diverse. However, speaking of coffee, one of the places to eat in Bandar Lampung, namely Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung also serves a variety of coffee menus which of course you must try and the taste is no less delicious than cafe-style coffee.

Why should you visit Cafe Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung?


For example, if a cheap and good coffee cafe in Bandar Lampung only features the coffee drink menu, it’s different when you are at Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung. Not only the coffee menu is diverse, but main course until snacksit also varies.

Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung understands customer needs, especially for those of you who are traveling to Bandar Lampung, finding a place to eat with a complete package that can meet your needs is an convenience in itself. no?

Of course, it will be very inconvenient if you want to eat big while drinking coffee and accompanied by snacks, but have to move from one place to another. In addition to spending a lot of energy and money, it will be much more economical if one place to eat provides it all.

Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung is not only famous for its delicious taste, but the price is affordable for all people.

In addition, the popular Jejama Oemah Papan is also equipped with various facilities, such as Wi-Fi (free internet), indoor and outdoor rooms, comfortable places, clean toilets, prayer rooms, meeting rooms, and others.

With these facilities, of course this Oemah Papan/Oemah Papan congregation is very suitable to be used as a spot for kopdar (ground coffee), family gatherings, gatherings with friends, reunions, places to vent, place for office meetings/gatherings, and other events.


Okay, if you are really looking for a typical contemporary coffee drink menu cafe, then you’ve come to the right place! Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung has a series of menus based coffee which of course can make you addicted and keep wanting to drink it.

Let’s take a peek at the menu!

1. Caramel Milk Coffee

The combination of coffee and milk is certainly familiar, right? However, by adding caramel in it, the sensation of this one drink certainly feels very delicious!

You can get this combination of savory, sweet, and bitter flavors in a glass of caramel milk coffee for IDR 18,000!

2. Japanese Ice

Maybe for those of you who are not familiar with this type of drink, when you are at Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung, you must taste it. Japanese Ice is a coffee drink menu that uses Japanese-style techniques, with a blend of V60 brewing techniques with ice cubes.

For coffee lovers, of course you know that if you want to get a cup of coffee with a delicious taste, it takes quite a long time, starting from the process of grinding the beans to finally brewing it with hot water.

This Japanese Ice is perfect for those of you who don’t want to wait long for a cup of delicious coffee at this cafe hits, because Japanese Ice is made in minutes. The price is also affordable, which is Rp. 17,000.

3. Robusta Robusta

The tastes of coffee connoisseurs are basically different, there are those who like thin and thick coffee. Well, if you like strong coffee with a strong taste, then choose the Robusta coffee menu.

The taste of robusta coffee mixed by Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung also has a little extra nutty with a taste much more bitter than arabica. Taste Robusta coffee here for only Rp. 10,000.

4. Palm Milk Coffee

In recent years, milk coffee with a mixture of palm sugar has become a hit and dominates the coffee world in Indonesia, especially in meeting the desires of young coffee connoisseurs.

If in the past, palm sugar was more often used in mixing traditional foods and drinks, but the presence of palm sugar in a cup of coffee has become a modern drink that is also available at Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung for IDR 16,000.

Don’t forget to taste the mainstay food menu of Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung

Don't Forget-Taste-Menu-Main-Food-Jejama-Oemah-Papan-Lampung

Hey, if you want to enjoy a cheap and good coffee cafe-style drink in Bandar Lampung, to be precise at Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung, don’t forget to fill your stomach first, OK! Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not good for stomach health.

So, to be safe, since Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung has lots of delicious food available, let’s taste the mainstay food menu so that not only will your stomach be full, but your heart will be happy too!

1. Pindang Tuhuk Fish

For you lovers of processed pindang, please show your hand! The freshness of the processed pindang by combining pieces of spicy chili and basil leaves certainly makes you want to keep eating it, right? What’s more if the processed pindang is pindang fish? Whoa!

Tutuk fish is famous for its delicious taste with a soft texture and melts when eaten. The delicious combination of tuhuk fish in pindang sauce and then eaten with warm rice (if you want to add more, that’s fine!) can make your stomach automatically full.

Price? Don’t worry, it’s cheap! Just spend IDR 32,000, okay?

2. Grilled Tilapia

Tired of processed soup or just fried? Okay, Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung also serves grilled tilapia. Flavor smokey mixed with sweet, spicy, and savory sensations on tilapia really shakes the tongue.

Don’t forget, enjoy the grilled tilapia with a plate of warm rice to make it more stable, of course. Don’t worry, there are some complements to your grilled tilapia, such as tofu and tempeh, vegetable tamarind, and chili sauce with a total per package of IDR 28,000.

3. Yellow Pickled Tilapia

If you are happy with a fish menu that is neither too wet nor dry, then the right choice is this yellow pickled tilapia. The sensation of sour, spicy, and savory taste mixed with the softness of tilapia is really a perfect blend of flavors.

With a price of Rp. 30,000, it’s ready to make your stomach full and your tongue swaying!

Typical Food of Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung


Your stomach is still hungry and still want to eat other typical Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung food? Sip, prepare your stomach because there is one dish recommendation that certainly won’t make you regret enjoying it.

The menu is Kampung Chicken Soup. In terms of texture and thickness of the meat, free-range chicken is indeed much different from broiler chicken, which is more tender and has an abundant amount of meat. Even so, when processed into soup, the taste of free-range chicken is no less delicious, really!

Sold at a price per portion of IDR 35,000, the kampung chicken soup is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy a soupy dish that is dominated by a savory taste. What’s more, if you enjoy it when it’s raining, it’s even more delicious.

For those of you who want to enjoy a cup of cheap and good coffee cafe-style drinks in Bandar Lampung, just stop by at Jejama Oemah Papan Lampung, which is located in Way Confessing, Balik Bukit, West Lampung Regency, Lampung.

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