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Hi, Meet again with us who always update tutorials and current technology news and interesting applications. This time, we will discuss the Telkomsel Midnight Internet Data quota package, aka the bats quota package, which we will discuss in the article below.

Who doesn’t want to get a cheap quota package from Telkomsel? Even though we know that Telkomsel is usually more expensive than other operators.

Telkomsel does charge a slightly more expensive price than other operators, but Telkomsel will also maintain the stable quality of its signal.

And you need to know, Telkomsel is indeed the king of signals, from cities to remote parts of the country, which is certain that Telkomsel can cover it so that we can connect.

For those of you who want to get cheap quota from Telkomsel, you can try the midnight quota, then how do you get it? keep reading this article.

What is Midnight Telkomsel

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Please note, Telkomsel’s Midnight (Night) quota package can only be used from midnight to morning, which is from 00:07 which is from midnight to morning.

And usually we often use this quota package to download something that we often do in the middle of the night, because this internet quota package is very cheap.

The Midnight (Night) quota package that we will discuss this time, does not fully get the night quota only, but you will also get the regular quota as well.

Which, you also get regular and midnight flash quotas at once.

Telkomsel Midnight Internet Data Package

How to Register for Telkomsel Midnight quota package

You can get a 6 GB package with a super quota of 600 MB flash and a Mid-midnight quota of 5.4 GB) at a price of IDR 30,000

By using this dial, you will get a total package of 12.2 GB with a super quota of 1.2 GB flash and a mid-night quota of 11 GB) at a price of Rp. 50,000

You will get a 16 GB super quota package of 3.5 GB Regular and a midnight quota of 12.5 GB) for IDR 100,000

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Thus, our full review of the Telkomsel Midnight Internet Data quota package that we have explained in this post, you can try it to get a large extra quota at a low price.

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