Chelsea Threatened Not Qualifying Champions League

Jakarta, IDN Times – Chelsea is threatened not to qualify for the Champions League next season as a result of the sanctions imposed by the British government on Roman Abramovich. The reason is, Chelsea could have been reduced by nine points if they did not meet certain conditions.

Chelsea’s business activities were disrupted after the British government imposed sanctions on Abramovich. Now, Chelsea can not sell tickets, souvenirs, players, and others.

In fact, it became the main source of income for Chelsea. There is a potential for Chelsea’s balance sheet to be in deficit due to no income and this is where the sanctions can come from.

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1. Can free fall

Chelsea Threatened Not Qualifying Champions League Due to Abramovich SanctionJorginho. (

If in the financial statements at the end of the season, Chelsea loses, then the nine-point penalty applies. So, maybe they are free-falling to seventh position in the final standings.

Meanwhile, the teams below it will rise. Of course, this opens up opportunities for Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur, aiming for a spot in the Champions League or Europa League.

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2. Threats are getting real

Chelsea Threatened Not Qualifying Champions League Due to Abramovich Sanctionportrait of Thiago Silva (

The threat is even more real when there are two sponsors who intend to withdraw their support for Chelsea. Three and Zapp have the potential to revoke sponsorship of Chelsea, because of the sanctions imposed for Abramovich.

Moreover, Three’s management has confirmed that currently there are evaluations and discussions with the Chelsea camp regarding the current situation.

3. Loss too from the aspect of sportsmanship

Chelsea Threatened Not Qualifying Champions League Due to Abramovich Sanctionportrait of Chelsea players celebrating a goal (

Chelsea will also lose in terms of sport. Three players whose contracts are about to expire, Antonio Ruediger, Cesar Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen, are almost certain to leave.

Chelsea management could not continue negotiations with the three. Because, the British government also prohibits it.

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