Chelsea Threatened To Lose Sponsor After Abramovich Sanction

Jakarta, IDN Times – Chelsea’s situation is getting worse after the British government imposed sanctions for Roman Abramovich. After almost certainly losing a number of players due to the sanctions, Chelsea’s business aspects are now under threat.

Several Chelsea sponsors are starting to consider withdrawing their support. At least, there are two sponsors who are starting to think about canceling the contract with Chelsea, following the sanctions against Abramovich.

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1. There are two sponsors who intend to withdraw

Chelsea Threatened To Lose Sponsor After Abramovich SanctionTottenham vs Chelsea duel (

The Sun launches, Chelsea’s main sponsor, Three, is now thinking about withdrawing his support. They confirmed they would evaluate the situation and have further discussions with Chelsea.

Not only Three, Zapp is also in discussions with Chelsea regarding the club’s current condition. It is not impossible that they will also withdraw their support.

2. Can lose the city

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Chelsea Threatened To Lose Sponsor After Abramovich SanctionThiago Silva (

If Three leave, Chelsea will lose the bookie. Because, the value of sponsor Three is very large.

As the main sponsor, Three flushed Chelsea with money worth 40 million pounds, or the equivalent of Rp752 billion per year.

Chelsea’s income is certainly reduced a lot, especially not being able to sell tickets to the audience as long as the sanctions for Abramovich apply.

3. Threat of other sanctions

Chelsea Threatened To Lose Sponsor After Abramovich SanctionReece James. (

There is a threat of sanctions looming over Chelsea regarding this condition. It could be, the Blues experienced a reduction of nine points.

It is based on the rules of the club’s balance sheet which must be balanced. If they fail to balance it administratively or experience a deficit, Chelsea could be circumcised by nine points.

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