Chelsea Threatened With Bankruptcy After Abramovich Was Sanctioned

Jakarta, IDN Times – Chelsea is now facing the threat of bankruptcy after the British government imposed sanctions on Roman Abramovich. Sanctions imposed by the British government on Abramovich, did curb Chelsea’s business activities.

As a result of the sanction, Chelsea could not make transfers, extend player contracts, sell match tickets, and even fans were prohibited from attending Chelsea away games.

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1. Threatened to lose sponsor

Chelsea Threatened With Bankruptcy After Abramovich Was SanctionedRomelu Lukaku. (

It was even more complicated when Chelsea’s main sponsor, Three, decided to suspend cooperation. That is, a contract worth 40 million pounds, or the equivalent of Rp752 billion per year with Three, is now in danger of being lost after the sanctions were dropped.

Of course, with that condition, Chelsea will be without income. They actually spend more for paying players and other club operations.

2. The license is not valid for Chelsea accommodations to get income

Chelsea Threatened With Bankruptcy After Abramovich Was SanctionedAntonio Rudiger (

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Indeed, Chelsea got a special license from the British government during Abramovich’s ban. However, the license is only valid to allow the club to compete until the end of the 2021/22 season.

Then the license does not apply to the club’s business activities. In fact, despite holding the license, Chelsea is not allowed to open its official souvenir shop.

The only thing allowed is to pay salaries to players, managers, staff and others. Extending contracts and buying and selling players is also not allowed.

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3. Only have 81 days

Chelsea Threatened With Bankruptcy After Abramovich Was Sanctionedportrait of Christian Pulisic (

Reported by The Sun, within 81 days, Abramovich should be able to sell Chelsea. If not, then the threat of bankruptcy is getting real.

Chelsea’s spending on player and staff salaries, if totaled, reached 333 million pounds, or equivalent to Rp. 6.2 trillion for a year. Not to mention the expenses needed to carry out away games and hold home parties.

Chelsea is still being paid for the money from broadcasting rights. However, it is not necessarily that it can be used.