China Denies COVID-19 Positive Patient Died of Corona Virus Infection, Then Why? – Health authorities in Jilin Province, China, are in the spotlight after rejecting claims that the deaths of two positive Corona patients were caused by Corona virus infection.

The two patients, men aged 65 and 87 respectively, had various congenital diseases, one of which had never received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Health authorities added that both victims had mild symptoms of COVID-19 and the cause of death was congenital disease.

The local government reminded the public, especially the elderly, to increase vigilance, avoid mass gatherings, always wear masks, and follow vaccinations.

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Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus.  (Doc. Envato)
Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus. (Doc. Envato)

On Sunday (20/3), Jilin Province reported 1,191 new positive cases and 303 asymptomatic cases. The previous day there were 1,500 new positive cases.

Since March 1, the province in the northeastern region of mainland China has seen 10,000 positive cases of COVID-19.

Several cities in Jilin have also closed their access and restricted people’s movement to facilitate the prevention and control of the pandemic.

The last death case from COVID-19 in China occurred two years ago. China is known to be very careful in releasing the number of positive cases and deaths.

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