Coban Putri Waterfall 2022 Entrance Ticket, Rides & Activities

Coban Putri Waterfall is one of the natural attractions in Batu City. There we can relax, selfie cool, and test adrenaline.

Opening hours:09.00 – 17.00 WIB
Entrance ticket:Rp. 10,000
Telephone number:
Activity:Relax, photo hunting, play
Best time:3 pm to 5 pm
Need to Bring:Hat, drinking water, camera, change of clothes
Prohibition:Do not litter
Address:Tlekung Village, Junrejo, Batu City, East Java
Public facilities:Parking areas, toilets, places of worship, stalls, gazebos, etc.
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps

Coban Putri Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions that we can visit while on vacation in Batu City, Malang, East Java.

This tourist spot which has two waterfalls is now becoming famous because of its beauty and the presence of several other rides provided by the manager.

In addition, this waterfall or Malang people usually call it Coban, also does not cost too much to enter.

With only a few hundred thousand, we can already enjoy weekend comfortable in the midst of a natural and beautiful natural atmosphere.

So, before leaving, let’s read the full review below.


Coban Putri Waterfall at a Glance

This waterfall is located a short distance from Coban Rais. The two are only separated by a distance of about 1.5 kilometers.

Therefore, for those who have been to Coban Rais, it is certain that they will not find significant difficulties in getting to the location of this waterfall.

However, unlike the towering Coban Rais, this waterfall only has a height of about 35 meters.

Even so, the water that flows from above is quite swift and its charm is also not inferior to Coban Rais.

This waterfall also has its own charm that distinguishes it from other trials in Batu City.

One of them, especially if not the beauty of the surrounding area covered in valleys and various green trees.

In addition, if you are tired of enjoying a relaxing time around the waterfall, we can also explore some of the rides spot photo and area playground.

For spot the photo itself, according to some visitors, is very interesting and not shy when viewedshare to our social media.

As for the game rides, the manager of this tourist spot has provided several rides, one of which is flying fox whose trajectory passes through the waterfall object.

Then in other areas, there is also a test game ride adrenaline in the form of a trajectory offroad which we can explore by car offroad provided by the manager.

Activity Details

Entering the Coban Putri Waterfall area, we will immediately be greeted by various forms of viewing posts placed in a garden-shaped area.

From the top of this viewing post, we can enjoy the beautiful expanse of the valley and green trees that are really still very natural.

This viewing post is also often used as a spot Photo. Some viewing posts look quite unique, for example the viewing post is in the shape of a giant hand and the viewing post is in the shape of a broomstick.

It is guaranteed that if you take pictures above the two viewing posts, the resulting image will certainly look more interesting and different when viewed.upload to social media.

In addition, at several points in this area, swings are also provided as a place to relax at the same time spot
Photo. Please explore just everything while visiting there.

After taking pictures with various styles in the garden area and viewing post, we can continue to see the shape of Coban Putri Waterfall.

The location of the waterfall from the garden area was not too far away, only a few meters.

This waterfall as we described above has a height of 35 meters and a width of about 3 meters. Underneath there is a small dam that seems to have been purposely built as a reservoir for water.

It is around the dam that we can stand enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. Or if you want to take pictures, we can also take pictures with the background of the waterfall as well as the dam.

Around the waterfall there are also several complementary facilities if we want to enjoy some relaxing time.

Besides relaxing on the gazebo, we can also relax in a small shop while enjoying a cup of coffee or warm tea.

After being satisfied spending a few minutes at the location of the waterfall, we can continue the adventure to the game rides.

And what should not be missed for those of us who like to test our guts, is playing offroad
through a winding and bumpy track along 2 kilometers.

To try the sensation offroad
in this place is also quite cheap because we only need to pay less than 50 thousand.

Opening hours

This natural tourist attraction is open every day from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Visit DayOpening hours
Every day09.00 – 17.00 WIB

The recommended time for the best visit is from 3 pm to 5 pm where at these hours visitors are usually not too crowded.

Price of admission

The entrance ticket that must be purchased to be able to enter this tourist area is not too expensive. Entrance tickets are sold at a price of Rp. 10,000 plus parking fee of Rp. 3000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5000.

Ticket TypePrice
Entrance ticketRp. 10,000
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp. 3000
Car parkRp. 5000
Photo SpotRp. 10,000
Offroad RidesRp. 35,000

However, inside there are several rides or facilities that are paid for, one of which is rides offroad. So just prepare enough funds before going on vacation there.

Address and Route

This tourist attraction is located in Tlekung Village, Junrejo, Batu City, East Java. The location as we have written above is only 1.5 kilometers from Coban Rais.

If you access it from the center of Batu City, then we will travel a distance of 5 kilometers through the same route to Coban Rais, namely via the Oro-oro Ombo road.

To this place we can use a motorbike or four-wheeled vehicle. The road to its location is indeed a bit winding and uphill, but it is relatively safe as long as we remain careful when driving.

Public facilities

This tourist spot is equipped with public facilities to provide comfort for the visitors.

The public facilities there include:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • prayer room
  • Gazebo
  • and food stalls

As for lodging for visitors who come from out of town, they can spend the night in several inns in the form of hotels or resorts villa which is not far from tourist sites.

Some recommended places to stay include Khadeejah Homestay, Sedayu Homestay, Puncak Pinus Villa, and Wijaya Kusuma Homestay.


Here are some frequently asked questions prospective visitors:


Coban Putri Waterfall is no less interesting than Coban or other waterfalls. We can make this tourist attraction an option for a family outing when visiting Batu City, Malang, East Java.