COD Mobile Season 3 Radical Raid, 80s Retro Theme, Jakarta – Call of Duty (COD) Mobile presents the Season 3 update ‘Radical Raid’. Interestingly, this season update comes with a classic retro 80s theme.

In COD Mobile Season 3 ‘Radical Raid’, players will get to experience new game modes, new weapons, updated clan wars, as well as the new map ‘Miami Strike’.

Various free items are also presented to all players such as the new weapon ‘MAC-10’ and new skill operators such as ‘Reactor Core’. A new attachment for AK47: GRU Combo Grip has also been added.

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All weapons and items can be obtained for free by accessing the Premium Battle Pass S3 ‘Radical Raid’. This season’s Premium Battle Pass adds four epic characters with new operators and weapons.

Update COD Mobile Season 3 Radical Raid

One of the new weapons that are present is the MAC-10. It is an SMG with fast firing speed and maneuverability. Its simple and reliable structure provides unmatched mobility.

This weapon also allows the player to gain an advantage in close combat.

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The MAC-10 has lower bullet speed and accuracy compared to other SMGs, but its continuous combat capability can be increased when equipped with large capacity drums.

In addition, this season’s Ranked mode will give players the opportunity to unlock all Epic PPSh-41 – Feline Fire which is one of the most favorite SMGs with high fire rates.

Players will also have the opportunity to use Scarlett Rhodes – Gold Bullion as a fan favorite character that will be featured in this new ranking season, as they move up the ranks in MP & BR mode in this new season’s rank.

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Prizes for in-game items and exclusive merchandise have also been prepared for the best players who are perched on the leaderboard.

COD Mobile Season 3 also carried out several game optimizations such as gameplay and match updates, function and performance optimization, as well as weapon balancing updates to increase the use of various weapons in the game. (HR/MF)