College Students Are NFT Literate, Because of Ghozali? — If you ask the Indonesian people about NFT crypto, it could be top of mind they are Ghozali and their phenomena. I can’t fault it either, I understand that Ghozali made Indonesia a commotion thanks to his income of up to billions of rupiah because of his NFT selfie.

Since Ghozali’s furore in mid-January, it seems normal that young people in Indonesia are getting more and more curious with the way NFT works, especially in terms of income which is said to be abundant.

In fact, there is a community called NFT Animals that accommodates college students to study together and various things about NFT.

Could it be that they were moved by the Ghozali phenomenon?

Apparently, not really.

“We have made NFT Livestock just before the end of 2021. NFT is mushrooming and being talked about a lot. In our opinion, young people in Indonesia deserve to know and be able to enter the NFT world as a form of education and support up-to-date in terms of technology trends,” said NFT Livestock Co-Founder, Fathur Rahman Prawira when talking with in the program Community Week.

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Community Week with NFT Livestock/Photo:

Fathur and his two friends who both study at the University of Indonesia (UI) founded NFT Livestock as a forum for sharing with other college students. They are communicating through the official Line account and are currently building engagement on Instagram and Twitter.

Currently, NFT Livestock members have reached 100 people from various campuses in several cities, including Bandung.

“Usually, NFT Livestock is crowded when someone asks about price predictions, price developments, things that are currently popular. Most of our community are NFT Veve platform users, so these users join So that NFT Livestock can get new things at Veve too,” added NFT Livestock Co-Founder Muhammad Daffa Pasha on the same occasion.

According to Pasha and Fathur, as time goes by, young people—especially college students—it’s time to become literate in NFT as an investment option. At least start aware that NFT is mushrooming and not FOMO.

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Fathur, who is currently majoring in Computer Science, said that apart from the good luck aka luck, Ghozali’s popularity is also supported by history behind it.

“Ghozali was indeednotice various influencerlike Jeffry Jouw, Chef Arnold that’s why he can be famous and trending. But he also has history, if he likes selfies with the same pose for 5 years. People are interested in the same journeythat’s why he boomsaid Fathur.

Even so, Fathur and Pasha admitted that the Ghozali phenomenon did make people talkative and FOMO, but immediately crush so “second Ghozali.”

“There are a lot of people who join in and want to get rich quick, and this is definitely FOMO, right? At that time, it was immediately crowded post This photo was used as NFT in OpenSea hoping to be The Next Ghozali, even though in my opinion impossible. Ghozali definitely doesn’t intend to be famousbut a lot of people just watch it wear it mindset I want to get rich quick, I just wrote,” added Pasha.

In the NFT Livestock community, Fathur and Pasha also share about security issues that need attention, both as NFT users or creators.

“Yes, apart from the issue of awareness about NFT and the cash gap, we also frequently share question security about how to make wallet crypto, how topost, until the investment. Young people must understand from various aspects, so that FOMO is not easy,” concluded Fathur.

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