Complete Data on COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia as of Friday March 11, 2022

Jakarta, IDN Times – The COVID-19 Handling Task Force reported 16,110 positive cases of corona on Friday (11/3/2022) until 12.00 WIB. The number of COVID-19 patients who recovered today reached 39,212 people and the death toll from this virus increased by 290 people.

Thus, the total number of COVID-19 infections in Indonesia has reached 5,864,010 cases. Around 5,335,846 of them managed to recover, but unfortunately as many as 151,703 people died.

So, what are the details of today’s data?

1. Daily case data of COVID-19 in each province

Complete Data on COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia as of Friday 11 March 2022illustration of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

The following is the daily addition of COVID-19 cases in 34 provinces as of March 11, 2022:

Aceh: 121
North Sumatra: 430
West Sumatra: 195
Riau: 385
Jambi: 117
South Sumatra: 108
Bangalore: 62
Lampung: 265
Bangka Belitung: 246
Riau Islands: 193
DKI Jakarta: 2,548
West Java: 3,750
Central Java: 1,721
IN Yogyakarta: 849
East Java: 1.394
Banten: 892
Bali: 126
NTB: 18
NTT: 354
West Kalimantan: 494
Central Kalimantan: 77
South Kalimantan: 86
East Kalimantan: 543
North Kalimantan: 303
North Sulawesi: 41
Central Sulawesi: 275
South Sulawesi: 287
Southeast Sulawesi: 24
Gorontalo: 19
West Sulawesi: 36
Moluccas: 2
North Maluku: 21
Papua: 65
West Papua: 63

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2. The distribution of death cases today

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Complete Data on COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia as of Friday 11 March 2022Illustration of the funeral of the victim who died due to COVID-19.Antarafoto

The following is the distribution of deaths that occurred today:

Aceh: 2
North Sumatra: 18
West Sumatra: 6
Riau: 13
Jambi: 5
South Sumatra: 5
Bangalore: 0
Lampung: 2
Bangka Belitung: 3
Riau Islands: 3
DKI Jakarta: 13
West Java: 28
Central Java: 93
IN Yogyakarta: 15
East Java: 41
Banten: 6
Bali: 4
NTB: 1
NTT: 4
West Kalimantan: 3
Central Kalimantan: 3
South Kalimantan: 0
East Kalimantan: 10
North Kalimantan: 0
North Sulawesi: 4
Central Sulawesi: 1
South Sulawesi: 3
Southeast Sulawesi: 1
Gorontalo: 0
West Sulawesi: 0
Maluku: 0
North Maluku: 1
Papua: 1
West Papua: 1

3.Today’s vaccination achievement

Complete Data on COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia as of Friday 11 March 2022The booster vaccine is starting to be injected to residents (IDN Times/Herka Yanis)

For the number of COVID-19 vaccinations today, the Task Force noted that 1,051,432 people were vaccinated, including the first, second, and third doses of vaccination.

According to data from the Task Force, the government has vaccinated the first dose of COVID-19 to 193,014,314 people. Then, the number of people who received the first dose of vaccination today reached 237,353 people.

On the other hand, the second dose of vaccination has reached 150,280,634 people, of which 487,103 just received the second dose of vaccination today.

Meanwhile, the third dose of vaccination has been given to 14,013,132 people with an increase of 326,976 people per day.

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