Conditions for Eid 2022 Homecoming are Tighter Than Watching MotoGP, Ministry of Health Opens Voice – Many people criticize the mandatory booster vaccine policy as a condition for going home for Eid 2022, and compare it to the requirement to watch MotoGP races which do not need meaningful requirements.

This was immediately responded by Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Siti Nadia Tarmizi, who revealed that going home made tens of millions of people simultaneously travel to various regions in Indonesia.

“Because if going home is more than 35 million people moving together to various destinations from various regions of origin, so mobility is greater,” said Nadia when contacted by, Friday (25/3/2022).

This greater and more mobility will increase the chance of Covid-19 transmission, especially now that the pandemic status has not been revoked.

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Illustration of the 2022 Homecoming Conditions (Pexels)
Illustration of 2022 Homecoming Conditions (Pexels)

Plus, most people who migrate to big cities will return to the regions to meet parents who are already in the elderly category, who have a more vulnerable immune system.

“In addition, visits are usually made to elderly people who have a greater risk of death and severity,” said Nadia.

Another thing to worry about, said Nadia, at this homecoming moment, is that there will be a potential for going home that is twice as big as in previous years.

“Even the Ministry of Transportation said it could be doubled or more than 80 million travelers,” concluded Nadia.

For your information, some time ago President Jokowi set a mandatory rule for the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine or booster vaccine as a condition for traveling using land, air and sea transportation during the upcoming Eid homecoming in 2022.

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