Cool and Sophisticated Screen Locker Application For Latest 2021 Android Phones This Year

Screen Locker App to Lock Android Screen – Life in this modern digital era is indeed difficult to separate from the name of a smartphone. This is an object that can be said to be multifunctional because it has many features in it.

Therefore, this type of smart phone is also needed for some people. In addition to facilitating communication activities, the existence of smartphones has proven to provide many other benefits and functions.

Now with all the features presented, don’t forget to pay attention to security. Yup, smartphones usually contain a lot of our important data, whether it’s photos or something else.

Some people don’t want their privacy to be seen by others. That’s why they usually install a lockscreen or screen protector application.

This is to prevent others from opening their smartphones without having to go through this one security feature.

Android Screen Lock Apps

Android Screen Lock Apps

In fact, most smartphones are equipped with a screen lock feature. But not all users are satisfied with the default lock screen features.

If you are also looking for a unique and cool smartphone app, this is the place to be. Please see the list of recommendations for the most advanced Android screen lock apps below.

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1. LokLok

best android screen lock application. First, we will recommend an application called LokLok. Apart from offering screen security features, this APK has other unique advantages.

When the smartphone screen is locked, you can make an image on it. Not only that, you can also send photos to friends or relatives.

Those who receive it can modify your image and then send it back.

2. Semper

best android screen lock screen lock app Bored with just that screen lock app? Then it never hurts for you to try Semper.

Why is that? Because this one application is quite unique and cool. The reason is unlike most APK lock screens that use a pin or pattern.

Semper will instead give you math or other questions if you want to unlock the screen.

Really cool? If you use it guaranteed your friends will be surprised if you try to get into your phone.

3. CM Locker

cm lock

best lock screen lock screen android apps Want to have lock screen apps like iPhone? Please try CM Locker. With this one application you will have a lock screen display like an iPhone.

There is also a pin and pattern feature for additional smartphone security. If anyone wants to break into your phone, CM Locker will immediately take a photo of their face.

This is cool, so you will know who likes your smartphone the most.

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4. Dynamic Notifications

best lock screen android app lock screen Want something simple and simple? Dynamic Notifications will give it to you.

Especially for low-end smartphone owners, this application is quite light and suitable for you to use. Provides a lockscreen feature with a simple and simple appearance but also elegant.

In it there is also a night mode feature that allows you to turn off all notifications so they won’t bother you.

5. C Locker Pro

the best screen lock screen application for android Makes you who only have a low end class smartphone, but don’t worry. We have an app called C Locker Pro that you can try.

Apart from being light and easy to use, this APK APK can make your phone look cool. How not, by installing it you can use the 2x tap feature to turn on the smartphone screen.

Features like this are usually not available on low-end smartphones. But with C Locker Pro you can enjoy it.

In addition, when the screen is locked you can also directly open certain other applications so that it will be very practical.

6. Next News Lock Screen

Next News Lock Screen

best android screen lock screen lock applicationOne more unique and best screen lock APK that you can try. As the name suggests, Next News Lock Screen offers something different.

Apart from providing security features on the smartphone screen, you will also be treated to the hottest news every day.

Apart from functioning as a security app, it will also provide the latest updates and news from various categories.

That way you are guaranteed not to be bored because the news that is shared is interesting to read.

7. SlideLock Locker

best android screen lock screen lock application For the last maybe almost the same as CM Locker. This application offers a lockscreen feature similar to the appearance of the iPhone.

The locking service with the Slide to Unlock feature is identical to the iPhone device. In addition, this application will also bring up various other important notifications.

You don’t have to bother with unlocking it first because you can directly access it through the notification panel.

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Thus our article about Screen Lock Applications to Lock the Android Screen, hopefully it can help you in choosing a screen lock application on Android.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.