Could be an indication of prostate cancer, pay attention to how often you urinate – Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that develops slowly in men, so it must be watched out for. Not only that, prostate cancer also tends to show no symptoms in its early stages. Symptoms will appear years after prostate cancer has developed.

Therefore, men need to watch out for any small signs of prostate cancer. A doctor has warned men to watch out for one symptom of prostate cancer when using the toilet.

Dr Jiri Kubes, medical director of the Proton Therapy Center cancer facility said people need to be educated about the signs of prostate cancer.

“If you regularly find yourself waking up late at night wanting to pee, it could be a sign of prostate cancer,” says Dr Jiri Kubes. The Sun.

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prostate cancer illustration (Pixabay)
prostate cancer illustration (Pixabay)

Other symptoms that we often see in patients are difficulty urinating and blood in the urine or semen.

The good news, prostate cancer can be treated if detected early enough. So, it is very important for men to know the things to look out for.

“This disease can strike at any age, but men over the age of 50 should pay attention to the health of their prostate,” he said.

The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland that only men have. These glands are located around the urethra, the tube where the urine and ejaculate is located between the penis and the bladder.

The function of the prostate is to produce fluid that mixes with sperm to make semen, so it is very important for reproduction.

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