Covid-19 Can Cause Symptoms on the Tongue, Recognize the Signs – Covid-19 can cause symptoms that vary from person to person. In fact, these symptoms can persist in the long term.

The severity is different for each person, and it depends on each person’s immunity.

One of the symptoms that appear can be seen on the tongue. What’s the sign?

Bumps and swelling on the surface of the tongue is a sign of ‘Covid tongue’. In addition, there are usually white, uneven patches.

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Some people have lesions on the tongue, report Times of India.

A 2021 study found that Covid-19 also manifests in the oral cavity. The most common are U-shaped lingual papillitis, glossitis with uneven depapilation, and burning mouth syndrome.

Illustration of a Covid tongue (Shutterstock)

What causes the tongue of Covid?

Experts say thrush could be the reason behind Covid’s tongue. Thrush is a fungus that can be caused by the corona virus or some of the drugs used to treat the infection.

Swelling in the tongue of Covid is caused by Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE) receptors on the tongue. The ACE receptor is a protein that the corona virus binds to enter the body.

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Another reason for Covid tongue is dry mouth. Due to COVID-19, the salivary glands of the mouth secrete less saliva which causes dryness in the mouth. Dry mouth is a breeding ground for a number of diseases.