Covid-19 deaths soar, Hong Kong uses cardboard alternatives for corpses because they run out of coffins

  • Share – At a time when many countries have experienced a decline in Covid-19 cases, Hong Kong is struggling with a spike in deaths. As a result, health authorities said there was a shortage of wooden coffins.

The death toll that has killed as many as 6,000 people in the past year has forced Hong Kong to replace wooden coffins with cardboard coffins.

This cardboard coffin offering is offered by a coffin manufacturer as an alternative, because it is more environmentally friendly.

Moreover, due to limited space or area, the practice of cremation to bury Covid-19 patients who died has become a common sight.

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So to answer the scarcity of wooden coffins, cardboard coffins were offered, before finally the cremated ashes were sprinkled off the coast of mainland China.

In general, Hong Kong coffins are made of recycled wood fiber, which can be customized inside and out. Like for example LifeArt Asia which is able to make 50 coffins a day.

Unfortunately, the CEO of LifeArt, Wilson Tong, said that there are still many people who refuse to make cardboard coffins, because it is considered to use paper as a coffin, and is considered to lack respect for the dead and loved ones.

Even so, said Tong, his party can still make cardboard coffins with customized designs, and can even have the color of the coffin as desired.

“This will give people more than enough options, to offer a more pleasant funeral and farewell,” Tong said, citing Insider, Tuesday (29/3/2022).

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The company also claims that a cardboard coffin will emit 87 percent less greenhouse gases than a wooden coffin.

Each LifeArt coffin weighs about 10.5 kilograms, and can accommodate bodies weighing up to 200 kilograms.

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