Covid-19 infection makes the ability of the immune system weaker when fighting other diseases, experts reveal the dangers – Covid-19 infection can cause long-term immune system disorders. Not only causing long Covid-19 or residual symptoms, internal medicine specialist Prof. Dr. dr. Iris Rengganis, Sp.PD., explained that the corona virus infection makes the immune system weaker when fighting other diseases.

“It can be seen that the effect of protection against other diseases has decreased after Covid-19. So the protection for diseases for which there are no comorbidities, let alone comorbidities, will automatically decrease after the occurrence of Covid-19,” said Prof Iris in the Covid-19 Task Force webinar, Wednesday ( 3/2/2022).

In addition, according to him, many chronic diseases have emerged in Covid-19 survivors. Such as diabetes, hypertension, blood viscosity disorders, and impaired kidney function in post-Covid-19 people who previously had no comorbidities.

“It was very clear that there was a decrease in the body’s organs even though in fact he had no comorbidities,” said the Chairperson of the Center for Allergy Immunology Association.

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Corona virus illustration. [Antara]
Corona virus illustration. [Antara]

This condition is different from the long Covid-19. According to Prof Iris, long Covid-19 can affect 30 percent of people who are infected with Covid-19 which occurs due to decreased organ function. This causes symptoms such as impaired memory, concentration, physical fatigue, still feels tight, joint pain, muscle pain, and many other things.

“Gradually and with the help of physiotherapy, most patients can recover. It’s also a good idea to consult with experts in their respective fields according to their complaints,” suggested Prof Iris.

He explained that long Covid-19 occurs due to excessive activation of the immune system in the long term. Thus, the long-term immune system response is one of the causes for long Covid-19.