Create Your Own Definition of Happiness, Then Try It! – Psychologists say to be able to achieve happiness, there needs to be an effort made by yourself.

Clinical Psychologist & CEO of Personal Growth Ratih Ibrahim said that in order to be happy, one must allow oneself to be happy. At the same time, he must make the joy present in his life.

“We have to define what is happy for us, then work on it,” Ratih said at an online press conference.

Can one stay happy in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Ratih emphasized that everyone can stay happy even though they live in the midst of a pandemic.

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Happy illustration.  (Pexels/Helena Lopes)
Happy illustration. (Pexels/Helena Lopes)

The first step is to be realistic. Ratih suggests reducing expectations and not being too perfectionist. That way, when things don’t go perfectly, you won’t be disappointed. Live life sincerely.

Next, make a good living routine and support your health. Get in the habit of getting up early and going to bed at a regular time. Just being at home is not an excuse to be too engrossed in front of the device all day. He reminded the importance of getting enough sleep, at least 6-7 hours every night, except for people who can only work nights.

Include activities such as exercise to keep you active even at home. Create your own routine and something definite — when to get up, exercise, eat, work — in the midst of an uncertain situation. With the discipline of going through a routine, a person can be calmer and have room to anticipate something. On the other hand, energy can be allocated properly.

“Eating is also important because it can make the mood stable,” said Ratih.

Nutritional deficiencies can affect mood and drive happiness away.

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Next, create fun activities that you can do yourself at home. For those of you who live with family at home or friends at a boarding house, try to take time to watch a movie together, or simply cook a dish by imitating recipes from famous chefs.