Crime Actions Rise at Night, Metro Police Chief Will Come

Jakarta, IDN Times – Bekasi is in the spotlight because of the rampant crime acts at night, such as robberies and brawls. This makes the Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Pol Fadil Imran plan to directly inspect the location at an hour that is prone to crime.

“In the Bekasi area there are robbers, there are brawls. I will come to these vulnerable locations according to the time of the incident,” said Fadil in an upload on the Instagram account of the Kapolda Metro Jaya, @kapoldametrojaya, Monday, March 7 last.

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1. Bekasi City Metro Police conduct surveillance on social media

Crime Actions Rise at Night, Metro Police Chief Will Visit BekasiIDN Times/Denisa Tristianty

In response to this, the Bekasi Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Hengki will carry out surveillance through social media, and also increase security in places prone to night crime.

Hengki hopes that the increased security will reduce the crime rate in the jurisdiction of the Bekasi City Police.

“We have a team that monitors on social media (social media), there is quite a lot of news but we will continue to monitor it. There are also enhanced police activities through raids on crime-prone areas, especially robberies and brawls,” Hengki told reporters, Thursday. (10/3/2022).

2. Locations that often become a place of brawl

Crime Actions Rise at Night, Metro Police Chief Will Visit Bekasi

Hengki said, there are several points that are often the location of youth brawls. The location is in Pondok Gede District, Jatiasih District, and North Bekasi District.

“Our attention is in the areas of Pondok Gede, Jatiasih, and North Bekasi,” explained Hengki.

3. Since January 2022, there have been 6 brawls and 4 other crimes in Bekasi

Crime Actions Rise at Night, Metro Police Chief Will Visit BekasiIllustrated Begal (IDN Times/Mardya Shakti)

Based on the data collected, since January 2022, there have been six brawls in the Bekasi City area. Locations that often become places of brawl are Jalan Raya Siliwangi, Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Jalan Sultan Agung, and Jalan Sumir Junction.

In addition, there was also a robbery targeting motorists on a deserted road in the Mustikajaya District. In this place, a pregnant woman had been a victim of robbery. Even Brimob members who had just returned from duty were also victims of robberies on Jalan Raya Kranggan, last Tuesday (15/2/2022).

(Reporter: Imam Faishal)

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