Cristiano Ronaldo’s Future at Manchester United

Jakarta, IDN Times – Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United is back in discussion. The reason was Ronaldo’s decision to leave for Portugal to recover from a waist injury.

Ronaldo claims the warm weather in Portugal will help him recover from an injury. However, actually MU manager, Ralf Rangnick, did not advise him to take this action.

The Sun launch, Rangnick asked all players to carry out recovery at the MU camp, Carrington. The policy was implemented so that Rangnick could closely monitor the condition of his players.

1. Had a debate

Cristiano Ronaldo's Future at Manchester UnitedManchester United superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. (

What Ronaldo did could be a form of disappointment. Indeed, he had an argument with Rangnick about the team line-up in the Manchester derby.

In the derby, Ronaldo wants to be used as a backup by Rangnick. He refused because he felt he could appear impressive as a starter.

However, Rangnick had a reason because he wanted fresh energy to be able to apply a tight pressing system.

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2. It’s not weird

Cristiano Ronaldo's Future at Manchester UnitedManchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in a duel against Newcastle United / Instagram @manchesterunited

It’s not uncommon for Ronaldo to be linked with wanting to leave Manchester United. Because, on several occasions he was reportedly disappointed with his decision to return to MU, due to the club’s inadequate ability to compete for the title.

Paris Saint-Germain is predicted to be Ronaldo’s new club. PSG do need additional forwards because Kylian Mbappe is likely to join Real Madrid next season.

3. Rashford is also in danger of leaving

Cristiano Ronaldo's Future at Manchester UnitedMarcus Rashford with Manchester United. (

Ronaldo is not the only one who can leave Manchester United. Marcus Rashford is likely to do so because he is disappointed that it is difficult to break into the first team.

Rashford has struggled to break into the first team after suffering a shoulder injury. Because of the injury, Rashford was difficult to improve his performance until he experienced a decrease in sharpness.

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