Cycling Routes in Ubud, an Exciting Way to Enjoy Natural Panorama

Ubud is one of the sub-districts in Gianyar Regency, Bali, which is often visited by tourists. This area offers beautiful natural scenery and cultural customs inherent in the community. A number of famous tourist destinations are also here, such as Monkey Forest and Tegalalang.

One way to enjoy the beauty of Ubud is by cycling. You can ride a bicycle while enjoying the green expanse of rice fields. In fact, occasionally stop by tourist attractions or places to eat in the middle of the rice fields.

Intending to go around Ubud on a leisurely bike ride? Here are some routes that you can choose from. Suitable for destination healinghere!

1. Batuan Tourism Village-Monkey Forest-Nyu Kuning Village

5 Cycling Routes in Ubud, Fun Ways to Enjoy Panorama and Culturebiking in Ubud (

If you want to start your journey from outside Ubud, an alternative route that can be taken is Batuan Tourism Village. This traditional village is one of the homes for the maestro of Balinese cultural arts.

In addition to cultural tourism, there are also natural attractions in the form of Bembengan Waterfall and Alas Arum Forest. You can start from Puseh Temple in Batuan Village to travel about nine kilometers to the Monkey Forest.

You can take a break before returning to pedaling through Nyuh Kuning Village. In the tourist village, you will see the harmonious relationship between humans, nature, and God.

You can find a view of a stretch of rice fields between the village roads. Likewise with a row of neatly arranged Balinese houses. If you don’t want to go through a road that is too busy, you can take an alternative road.

2. Kintamani-Ubud

5 Cycling Routes in Ubud, Fun Ways to Enjoy Panorama and CultureLake Batur (

Still on the route from outside Ubud, namely Kintamani, Bangli Regency. The Kintamani-Ubud route is usually deliberately chosen for those who want to cycle long distances. Often also a route for a number of exploration events by riding a bicycle.

You can start from around Lake Batur or the Batur Geopark Museum. Go to Tirta Empul Temple-Tegallalang Rice Terrace-Bidadari Valley- Batur Geopark Museum. Although it requires more effort, but it pays off with the beautiful scenery and many tourist destinations.

If you are tired, you can stop for a while at a number of tourist destinations. You can also just take pictures with a background of rice fields.

3. Central Parking Ubud-Kemenuh Butterfly Park

5 Cycling Routes in Ubud, Fun Ways to Enjoy Panorama and CultureKemenuh Butterfly Park (

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Apart from the area around Ubud, now you can choose the opposite route to the south. You can choose a route from Ubud to Kemenuh Village in Sukawati District.

Some tourist destinations can be a resting place for those of you who feel tired of pedaling a bicycle. Starting from Central Parking Ubud, this public parking lot also makes it easier for you to bring a car or other vehicle from outside the city.

From there, you can head towards the Ubud Art Market-Goa Gajah-Kemenuh Butterfly Park. This route is quite far, if you turn through the east of Kemenuh Butterfly Park.

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4. Checking Tegallalang – Pura Dalem Puri Ubud

5 Cycling Routes in Ubud, Fun Ways to Enjoy Panorama and CulturePura Dalem Puri Peliatan – Ubud (

Ceking Tegallalang – Pura Dalem Puri Ubud is one of the popular routes among tourists. This route is also often offered by a number of bicycle tour service providers. Naturally, Tegallalang became an icon of terracing with rice plants.

After from Pura Dalem Puri Ubud, you can return to the departure point via Ubud Art Market and Jalan Suweta. There is also a wide expanse of rice fields around the road. Once again, you can enjoy the typical rural scenery in Ubud.

To complete the route, you need about two hours. This time can be longer or faster, depending on your ability and speed at pedaling. You can also stop by to buy a drink or eat at a number of stalls.

5. Taro Tegallalang-Bukit Campuhan

5 Cycling Routes in Ubud, Fun Ways to Enjoy Panorama and CultureCampuhan Hill (

Another cycling route that is no less popular is Taro Tegallalang-Bukit Tjampuhan Ubud. Taro, one of the villages in Tegallalang District, Gianyar Regency. The location is close to Tegallalang Village which is famous for its terraces.

While the intended end point is Campuhan Hill which is pedestrian and cyclist friendly. You can go through Jalan Raya Sangggingan-Jalan Raya Campuan. Then, through a small paved road that has been neatly arranged on Campuhan Hill.

You can see the view from the top of the hill. Maybe quite tiring, because the road is uphill. However, you will be satisfied with the cool air, beautiful atmosphere, and natural panorama.

Well, now you have a choice of cycling routes to enjoy the natural and cultural richness of Ubud. If you are afraid of getting lost, you can use the services of a bicycle tour provider that already has a guide.

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