Dea Onlyfans Viral on Twitter, Netizens are looking for the link

Dea Onlyfans

There is always the latest news from social media. The latest news that is currently trending relates to a female celebgram who is suspected of selling pornographic content through the Onlyfans site. The celebgram is Dea, who was a guest of Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast some time ago.

Dea has now been arrested by the authorities on charges of spreading pornographic content. Actually, who is Dea and why is she doing this? Check out more information about Dea Onlyfans below.

Who is Dea Onlyfans?

Dea Onlyfans is a celebgram who was recently known to also create content on Onlyfans. For those of you who don’t know, Onlyfans is an application or website that is often used to share adult photos and videos. Not many people think that Dea will become a creator especially in Onlyfans.

Watch Dea Onlyfans Videos

If you are curious about how Dea Onlyfans videos are, then you can subscribe to Dea’s account on Onlyfans. Unlike subscribing to a YouTube channel, which can be direct and free, to be able to subscribe to a Dea channel, you have to pay first.

Now, many people have shared Dea Onlyfans videos on social media, especially Twitter. You can search for it yourself with various keywords, for example Dea Onlyfans.

You need to remember that Dea Onlyfans content is only for adults, so don’t let minors watch this content.

News Dea Onlyfans Arrested by Police

You must have heard the news that Dea had been arrested by the police for being accused of sharing inappropriate content on social media.

The latest news, Dea is still under investigation by the authorities. The public will get further information regarding Dea Onlyfans through the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation of the Polda Metro Jaya.

Biography of Dea Onlyfans

Dea Onlyfans has the full name Gusti Ayu Dewanti. She is a student at Diponegoro University, Semarang.

Until now, he is still listed as a student of the Social Anthropology study program at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. He entered Diponegoro University in 2017.

Through her study history, Dea took time off from college when she took semester 4 in 2019. This celebgram is also a woman born in 1998 in Malang, East Java.

Podcast Dea with Deddy Corbuzier

Before being arrested by the police, Dea had time to do a podcast with Deddy Corbuzier. The video podcast was uploaded 2 weeks ago and has been watched by more than 4.4 million people. He said that he did upload some content on OnlyFans.

Dea said that he had joined the Onlyfans site since 2020. He uploaded a video of himself there for fun. Dea also decided to make money by uploading content on Onlyfans since then.

Will Dea Be Imprisoned?

The police are still trying to find more in-depth information, so whether Dea will be imprisoned or not is still unknown. You can keep up with information about Dea through social media and online news channels.

That’s the explanation about the Dea Onlyfans case which is being discussed lately. You don’t need to see Dea Onlyfans content directly because it’s only for adults. Hopefully this information can reduce your curiosity.