Dear Diabetics, Here are Tips for Taking Care of Your Body and Blood Sugar While Fasting During Ramadan – Muslims around the world will soon welcome the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast.

However, fasting can be a challenge for diabetics to maintain daily blood sugar levels. So what are the tips for maintaining blood sugar for diabetic patients during Ramadan?

In her statement, Diabetes Kalbe’s Senior Product Manager, Anita Halim explained that one of the efforts to keep a diabetic’s body healthy and productive during Ramadan is to adjust the dose. In addition, adjusting the schedule for giving oral hypoglycemic drugs and or insulin by the doctor while the patient is fasting.

“Then, people with diabetes should always be in touch with a doctor while fasting. Through the KlikDiabetes application as a digital personal assistant, people with diabetes will be assisted in arranging medication administration schedules through the Medication Reminder feature and consulting with doctors through the Ask a Doctor feature,” explained Anita.

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Illustration of how many days of the 2022 Shaban fast (Freepik)
Illustration of how many days of the 2022 Shaban fast (Freepik)

“In addition, people with diabetes can view selected menus for sahur and iftar and adjust the number of calories through the Diet & Nutrition feature,” concluded Diabetasol’s Senior Brand Manager, Yunita Chandrawati.

It is also important to monitor blood sugar levels regularly, especially mid-day and before breaking the fast. Elvasense Product Manager Dimpos Gultom said, currently available Elvasense, a blood sugar check tool that is directly integrated with KlikDiabetes through the Health Record feature.

“We are committed to improving the quality of life for people with diabetes by continuing to develop and market anti-diabetes and its complications, nutrition, blood sugar checking tools, and quality digital platforms. So that we can provide comprehensive support for doctors and people with diabetes in achieving lifestyle and management ideal diabetes,” said Project Leader Diabetes Total Solution (DTS) Bonny Anom