Dear Millennials, use this method so that parents’ passwords are safe – Even though the world is moving towards a more sophisticated direction, the younger generation is still often ‘troubled’ with ignorant parents, especially in managing passwords. In fact, as a generation that is more internet and technology literate, it is our duty to guide parents so that they can understand.

The ignorance of this old man has always been a unique and intriguing story. They are not only exposed to browser technology such as Google, but also various popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Often, basic things such as passwords as the key to their social media accounts, or even email – especially Gmail as a service for a million people – they often miss.

Parents are the same as internet users in general: they have to remember their own passwords and separate passwords for different services to stay safe.

From the narrative of Google Indonesia’s Product Marketing Manager, Amanda Chan, at least from the first small thing, namely password security, you must often show parents.

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“Indeed, the most effective tips are not just to be told, but to be given a look. We have to show you the steps, or the methods, then they will [orang tua] I can understand,” said Amanda during a conversation at Uzone Talks on February 24, 2022.

He continued, “Passwords are the most dangerous risk in online life. Moreover, using the same password on various sites, or our passwords are weak. There are two tips that we can convey to parents so that passwords are always safe.”

The first thing, Amanda said that no matter what, the password must be strong. Digital services such as Google often require users to enter various characters, ranging from uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation marks.

“The minimum password is 8 characters. The longer it is, the safer it is,” he said.

The second tip, don’t be lazy to check passwords regularly. Google itself has tools Password Checkup.

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Tool This can show the status of our passwords, whether they are weak, or have been used on other sites, or even whether they have been hacked. This, in my opinion, is a very useful feature and the most basic step to ensure our identity through passwords is always safe, “said Amanda.

Amanda also keeps reminding her not to use the same password on various sites. If you feel overwhelmed to remember everything, he suggests using Password Manager.

“The use of the Password Manager must also be guided, especially if the parents are not familiar. But of course this is a solution for people who have difficulty remembering passwords, and this service can also manage them well, so the level of security is even more extra,” he continued.

The rest, Amanda added that users can take advantage of the Family Link application from Google which is available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

Although often used by families to monitor children’s activities, this application can also be used to monitor parents, because it is indeed an integration of family members.

“In Family Link we can see their screen-time, can manage how long they use the device, set sleep hours, and see what applications are used the most. Suspicious activity can also be detected and we can manage it directly,” concluded Amanda.

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