Dear Parents, These are the Benefits of Taking Children to the Dentist Early on! – To maintain healthy teeth and mouth, we are advised to visit the dentist at least every six months. This advice also applies to children, you know, even though the condition of their teeth looks fine and there are no complaints.

However, when should parents take their children to the dentist for the first time?

Answering the questions above, pediatric dentist drg. Eka Sabaty Shofiyah, Sp. KGA recommends taking your child to the dentist when one tooth has grown.

“The recommendation to the dentist is at the latest at the age of one year, or when one tooth has grown, for example at the age of 6 months,” said drg. Eka who is a member of the Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI) and the Indonesian Pediatric Dentist Association (IDGAI) in the Oral Care Series event, Thursday (24/3/2022).

Taking children to the dentist as early as possible aims to prevent problematic teeth such as cavities later in life, as well as other oral health-related problems.

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So, what will the dentist do on the first visit?

According to drg. Eka, the dentist will usually provide education to parents about children’s dental care. The dentist will also assess what kind of healthy habits should be grown and check the condition of the child’s teeth whether the quality is good or there are signs of imperfection in formation.

“Sometimes like someone would say, ‘Doc, these teeth are already brittle.’ So, so that this condition does not happen in the future, we can assess it during the first visit,” he said, quoting Antara.

After the first visit, check-ups to the dentist are carried out regularly every six months to be able to detect early if there are conditions that lead to cavities, so that later treatment can be carried out comfortably.

If dental problems can be found early, then the actions taken will not be complex and this can reduce fear or worry, especially for children.

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On the other hand, this early examination can also save parents from going to the dentist, which some people consider expensive. Which according to drg. Eka, the high cost is generally because the actions given are already complex.

“If we can carry out routine checks and the condition can be found at an early stage, the costs will also be lower,” he said.