Death Stranding – Kojima’s Early Work After Konami

Death Stranding is arguably one of Hideo Kojima’s masterpieces after years of being known as the retainer of one of the biggest stealth action games in the world, Metal Gear Solid. In this game, Hideo Kojima wants to offer something new that wants to give up his status as the person in charge of the game with the protagonist named Snake.

Death Stranding

At the beginning of the appearance of the trailer a few years ago, Death Stranding certainly received great enthusiasm from many gamers, of course from Kojima fans. As we know, Kojima always offers his fresh ideas which he implements through his games. Therefore, you can see how brilliant the story and gameplay offered by this game is.

This time too, Kojima is no longer working with Konami, and has built his own studio, Kojima Productions. Actually, this studio has existed since Kojima worked on the Metal Gear Solid series, but the difference is that this studio was still under the auspices of Konami. Of course, Kojima’s big name makes him able to partner with a big publisher like Sony to work on this one game.

Even though it was released by Sony, Death Stranding is not a console exclusive game. PC master races can enjoy this one game because Death Stranding has been released on PC or Steam as well. For those of you who have never played this game and are curious? Buddy Game will review it in this article. Follow it to the end.

Plot of Certia Death Stranding

The games developed by Kojima and his team are known for their unique and deep stories. So is what Kojima wants to give in this newest game. This game tells the story of the United States on the verge of collapse caused by an incident called Death Stranding. This event, named Death Stranding, gives rise to an evil entity called Beached Things that will invade Earth. This mysterious evil entity not only threatens the earth and mankind, but also creates a Voidout effect which is a very large explosion that can even destroy part of the earth very quickly and easily.

Death Stranding

This incident makes people look for various ways to survive by building a place to live that is able to minimize threats from the outside by locking the door of the building tightly. This is where the job of a porter or freight forwarder is very reliable. Although it looks not a trivial job, this job is very life threatening for the Porter. This game has the protagonist a Porter named Sam Bridges who works for a shipping company called Bridges.

Death Stranding

Here Sam is not just a Porter. He is a member of President Bridget’s family who is in critical condition due to his cancer. Sam is asked by Bridget to connect the United States through a technology called the Chiral Network. The task carried out by Sam Bridges is believed to be able to make humans survive in the midst of the threat of Death Stranding and Beached Things. However, Sam must bring back Amelie who has been kidnapped by a separatist group called Homo Demens led by a mysterious figure named Higgs. In this journey, Sam is supported by advanced technology in the form of a baby in a pod called Bridge Baby. This technology is a human engineering taken from mothers who end up dying during childbirth.

Death Stranding Gameplay

The main attraction of Death Stranding apart from the story is the gameplay. In his interview, Kojima referred to Social Strand as the genre of this game. This makes the curiosity even greater. This game made by Kojima with Sony offers a very slow pace gameplay. For those of you who like fast pace games, this game might feel boring. However, over time this game will take you into an increasingly immersive gameplay.

Death Stranding

Although the theme carried by Death Stranding sounds simple, it turns out that the gameplay offered is not that simple. You have to maintain your physical condition and also go through all kinds of challenges. The equipment used by Sam will affect his physical state. Here you will see Sam’s scuffed feet from walking the long way. To make your trip easier, you are also provided with vehicles such as cars or motorbikes that you have to recharge the fuel from electricity.


This game made by Kojima is certainly not to be missed. This game offers many unique features that may not have been implemented in many games. The theme is quite simple even though the story and gameplay are very complex. Death Stranding is now available on PC and the conversion is stable. PC games can comfortably play this game made by Kojima.