Deaths in the World Reach 6 Million People, Indonesia Enters the Top 10 Most – The Covid-19 corona virus continues to infect many people around the world. In the last 24 hours, it was reported that 1.49 million people in the world were confirmed positive for Covid-19.

At the same time, 7,472 people died from the SARS Cov-2 corona virus.

The most new positive cases still occurred in Germany which reported 202,338 cases and South Korea with 198,802 cases. Meanwhile, the most deaths in a day occurred in the United States with 1,258 people.

Towards the third year of the pandemic, today’s global Covid-19 update recorded that the virus had killed more than 6 million people worldwide, according to the Worldometers website as of Friday (4/3/2022).

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Illustration of incentive care for Covid-19 patients. [Istimewa]
Illustration of incentive care for Covid-19 patients. [Istimewa]

Compared to two weeks ago, the weekly coronavirus death toll has actually decreased by 20 percent. From the previous 66,005 people to 53,096 people in the last week.

The United States also dominated the weekly deaths with the number reaching 10,608 people. Followed by Russia with 5,414 people and Brazil with 3,562 people.

Quoted from the worldometers website, the following is the distribution of the most deaths due to Covid-19 in 10 countries:

1. United States of America

Number of cases: 80.84 million
Deaths: 981,729 souls

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2. Brazil