Depok Hits Again by Strong Winds, Trees and Billboards Collapse

Depok, IDN Times – Rain and strong winds that have occurred since the afternoon have again caused fallen trees and billboards to collapse in Depok City on Tuesday (8/3/2022). As a result, a number of roads in Depok City experienced congestion and shops that were hit by a collapsed billboard were damaged.

Head of Operational Control of the Depok City Fire and Rescue Service, Welman Naipospos, said a number of UPTs at the Depok City Fire and Rescue Service received reports of fallen trees and billboards collapsing due to rain and strong winds in several Depok areas.

“Yes, a fallen tree on the Panus bridge on Jalan Siliwangi caused traffic jams,” Welman said when contacted IDN Times.

1. Fallen trees are trimmed to improve traffic flow

Depok is again hit by strong winds, trees and billboards collapseA fallen tree in Gurame Valley Park, Depok Jaya Village, Pancoran Mas District, Depok City. (Special)

Welman said the fallen tree had cut off the Siliwangi Highway, causing traffic jams from the direction of Sukmajaya to Margonda or the other way around. Members of the Depok City Fire and Rescue Service have visited the location to do tree pruning.

“To unravel the congestion, the road is opened and closed after several tree branches have been trimmed,” said Welman.

Welman revealed that reports of fallen trees were not only on Jalan Siliwangi, his party also found that fallen trees occurred on Jalan Juanda, Jalan Merdeka, and Jalan Raya Bogor. To assist and speed up the evacuation process, his party has spread members to a number of points for handling.

“We have distributed members based on the working area of ​​the Depok City Fire and Rescue Service Unit,” said Welman.

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2. Collapsed billboards damaged a number of shops

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Depok is again hit by strong winds, trees and billboards collapseThe billboard collapsed due to rain and strong winds at Pal Market, Jalan Raya Bogor, Depok City, causing a number of shops to be damaged. (Special)

In addition to fallen trees, rain accompanied by strong winds toppled billboards on Jalan Raya Bogor to be precise, Pasar Pal. The person’s colored advertisements hit a number of shops and the PAC Gerindra Cimanggis secretariat.

“Yes, there was a billboard that collapsed, members had rushed to the location to help evacuate,” said Welman.

The collapsed billboard caused a number of shops and offices of PAC Gerindra Cimanggis to be damaged. It is not known whether the advertisement caused any injuries or not. However, starting from the grocery store, salon, to the secretariat of PAC Gerinda Cimanggis, the damage was quite severe.

“If I’m not mistaken, there are about four shops, but members have not provided a complete report,” explained Welman.

3. The roofs of residents’ houses were damaged by strong winds

Depok is again hit by strong winds, trees and billboards collapse

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds caused fallen trees and billboards to fall, there was puddles of water and the roofs of residents’ houses were damaged. Based on reports and data collected IDN TimesThere is one resident’s house that was damaged due to not being able to withstand strong winds.

The resident’s house is located on Jalan Madrasah Kampung Bojong RT6/20, Baktijaya Village, Sukamajaya District. The roof of the resident’s house was so badly damaged that the entire roof of the house was damaged.

In addition, the rain caused a number of roads to become inundated, such as Jalan KSU and Jalan GDC. The puddle on Jalan KSU has a height of about 70 centimeters on the left side of the road from the GDC direction to Jalan Tole Iskandar. As a result, many motorcyclists take the right side of the road to avoid puddles of water which can cause engine failure.

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