Desperate for Always Failing, This ‘Old Student’ Cheats With In-Ear Bluetooth Operation – A medical student in India recently resorted to cheating but using an unusual method by plugging a Bluetooth device into his ear.

This incident occurred last week on February 21 when 78 medical students at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, India, were taking final exams for their MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree.

One of them is an ‘old student’ who has been studying for 11 years. He had repeatedly failed his final exams over the past few years and this was his last chance to pass.

To increase his chances, the unidentified student decided to cheat by placing a Bluetooth device in his ear through a surgical procedure.

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However, one of the lecturers, Dr. Vivek Sathe finds a cell phone in his trouser pocket which is hidden in its location. After checking, the Bluetooth on the phone is on which is connected to the device in his ear.

Exam illustration.  (
Exam illustration. (

Initially when checking the student the lecturer did not find any Bluetooth device anywhere on the student, report Oddity Central.

It was only after being dragged away and interrogated that the man admitted to having a skin-colored micro-instrument in his ear, installed by an ENT surgeon.

Although that method sounds painful, it turns out that the Bluetooth implantation method is a common practice in India.

India’s famous Vyapam fraud whistleblower, Dr. Anand Rai, Bluetooth implantation cheating is easy to do and has been used in India since 2013.

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“It’s very easy to put Bluetooth in the ear. It sticks to the ear temporarily and can be removed. This technique was also used by the perpetrator of the Vyapam scam to complete his medical exam eight years ago,” Rai said.