Did you know bottled water can also go stale? Get to know the features here

Suara.com – The opening question for this article is, did you know that plain water can go stale? Water, or mineral water that has been consumed as a daily drink, can actually be in a stale condition. Of course, more will be explained in the next section of this article.

Stale conditions in food or drinks are usually caused by contamination with germs and bacteria that stick, then develop in food or drinks, causing a decrease in quality until they can no longer be consumed.

Stale White Water, See Expiration Date

In simple terms, actually plain water, especially in bottles, has a clear expiration time. This is stated in the expiration date on the bottle. When this date has passed, the drinking water can no longer be consumed.

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The main factor that causes water not to be consumed is how it is stored. When stored properly, ideally water can still be consumed even after the date stated on the bottle. However, when the storage is not good (exposed to direct sunlight continuously), then the durability will decrease drastically.

Characteristics of Stale Water

If the food or other drinks are stale, it is interpreted as a condition that is damaged or smells, or is conspicuous. While in plain water, the characteristics when stale are as follows.

  • Contaminated with germs
  • Contaminated with fungus
  • Contaminated by bacteria
  • Has a bad smell
  • Has a color that is no longer clear
  • Visible bacteria or small living things in it

When drinking water has shown signs like this, it means that drinking water can no longer be consumed. The health risks will increase, and make anyone who consumes it experience certain diseases.

Maintaining Water Quality

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Actually, to maintain the quality of water in its own packaging is not difficult. First, make sure it is stored at the recommended temperature, secondly, not exposed to direct sunlight for too long, and thirdly, always keep the lid tightly closed after opening.

Storing it in the refrigerator can also be a good storage method to maintain water quality.

That was a little information related to water which turns out to be stale. Hopefully it can be useful information for you, and good luck with your activities!