Differences in Obesity Fat accumulation in men and women, which is easier to do on a diet?

Suara.com – Obesity or being overweight is equally risky for both men and women. However, the accumulation of fat in certain body parts in men and women is somewhat different.

Chairman of the DPP Indonesian Nutrition Experts Association (PERSAGI) Rudatin explained that there are two types of obesity, namely central obesity or also known as apple obesity and general obesity or pear obesity.

“Central obesity accumulates a lot of fat in the chest, waist, and abdomen,” explained Rudatin in the World Obesity Day webinar with the Ministry of Health, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

Therefore, most central obesity occurs in men. While obesity is common in women because the accumulation of fat occurs around the hips and thighs.

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Obesity illustration. [unsplash]
Obesity illustration. [unsplash]

“Management will be more difficult in central obesity and will be easier in general obesity,” he said.

However, he said that basically maintaining weight is a way to balance the energy intake that comes in through food and drinks as well as the energy that comes out when moving.

If the energy that enters is more than expended or is less active and exercise, then the energy reserves will be stored in the form of fat. So gradually the weight will increase.

The recommended diet for weight loss, Rudatin recommends the Obesity T plate method. The plate is divided into two parts, then a line is drawn on the bottom side so that it resembles the letter T.

At the top with a half plate area, it is recommended to only be filled with vegetables and fruit.

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“Understand carbohydrates and protein are more animal than vegetable. Made 50-50 between protein and carbohydrates,” he said.