Digital Talent is the Key to Technological Advancement – Digital transformation and the advancement of the digital world are always echoed by many people as a form of enthusiasm for Indonesia’s role in the technology sector. Of all the sophistication that is expected to exist in Indonesia, the challenge is no joke: the presence of digital talent.

It’s no wonder that digital talent is also an aspect that is always mentioned everywhere. Telkom’s millennial director, Fajrin Rasyid, also admitted that.

“I am often asked about the biggest challenges in the digital world and my answer is always the same. Digital transformation and technological progress in Indonesia all require an important enabler, namely digital talent,” he said on the sidelines of the launch of Leap Telkom which was held virtually, March 9, 2022.

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He continued, “The current digital talent is actually of very high quality, there are many achievements of the country’s children in the startup scene. The issue is that the number is not yet in accordance with the needs.”

Fajrin, who holds the position as director of Telkom’s digital business, agrees that Indonesia needs a lot of digital talent and sometimes the feeling of “HR crisis” is real.

“For example, you often see startup companies opening many vacancies such as: data scientists, engineering program, and so forth. That’s because it’s really difficult to find digital talent that fits your needs,” he continued.

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The government itself also said that Indonesia needed 9 million digital talents for at least the next 5-15 years to improve the country’s digital sector.

Fajrin then explained that what Telkom did was improve, aka upgrade the ability of the team within Telkom. Not only that, Telkom also cooperates with the campuses.

“I myself will be active sowan to several areas, such as Medan, then later to Surabaya, it’s all on the agenda to visit various campuses to explore the programs we do, such as internships, guest lectures. In essence, this collaboration is for campuses and academics to be closer to industry needs,” concluded Fajrin.

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