Dinda Hauw and Rey Mbayang Choose Natural Family Planning to Prevent Pregnancy, What are the Methods?

Suara.com – Dinda Hauw admitted that she and her husband, Rey Mbayang, had experienced natural family planning. However, this method did not work until she was pregnant with twins.

“Rey and I agreed to natural family planning, yesterday when we found out we were pregnant it was quite a shock, but after that we laughed out loud because we felt that natural family planning didn’t work,” wrote Dinda in her Instagram Story upload, Wednesday (23/3/2022) .

The celebrity, who already has one child, said that she and Rey were happy when they found out that they would have another baby. However, fate said otherwise. This 25-year-old woman had a miscarriage.

“I was declared a miscarriage and finally immediately cleaned up in the operating room. Goodbye sister to heaven,” said Dinda in an Instagram upload, Tuesday (22/3/2022).

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Dinda Hauw had a miscarriage. [Instagram]
Dinda Hauw had a miscarriage. [Instagram]

What is natural birth control?

According to Alodokter, natural family planning is a method of contraception without using certain tools, drugs, or procedures to prevent pregnancy.

Here are some natural birth control methods that are often the choice for many women who are not suitable for using contraception:

1. Don’t have sex during your fertile period

Sperm will be easier to fertilize an egg when a partner has sex during the fertile period or ovulation.

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Therefore, avoid having sex a few days before and after ovulation to prevent pregnancy.

2. Exclusive breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding is one way to prevent pregnancy in breastfeeding mothers. This is because breastfeeding can inhibit ovulation and menstruation in women who have just given birth.

This natural birth control method is called the lactational amenorrhea method.

However, if the mother continues to menstruate, it is a sign that the ovaries have released an egg which means she can get pregnant again.

3. Ejaculation outside the vagina

Couples can apply this method so as not to get pregnant. This method is done by removing the penis from the vagina when it will ejaculate or release sperm.

This technique is called interrupted intercourse. To be effective, the male partner must be able to control himself and be able to estimate the right time to pull his penis before ejaculation.

Keep in mind, this natural birth control technique is not as effective as using contraceptives, such as birth control pills, IUDs, or injections.

In order to increase effectiveness, combine natural family planning methods with the use of other contraceptives, namely condoms.