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If you want to use a roaming type hero, reading the discussion on Mobile Legend roam items will really help you master the hero. Because each hero requires a different roaming item. Likewise, roaming items have different effects.

The effect of this roaming item keeps changing when Moonton updates Mobile Legend. Therefore, you need to be careful in paying attention to the effects of roaming items after being logged.buff as well as in-nerf.

Well, for more details, let’s discuss the best and most reliable Mobile Legend roam items for roaming type heroes.

3 Best Mobile Legends Roam Items to Choose

For those of you who are using hero roaming for the first time, please note that there is a special item segment called Item Roam. This item gives the main effect in the form of increasing the movement of the hero. So you can move lane faster and more helpful ganking opposing team heroes.

Most roam items can also create a bigger buff effect. So the roaming hero can be stronger even though it doesn’t kill creeps and the like.

Usually, there are 5 basic roaming items that almost everyone uses the most. And 3 of them are must-haves in all types of roaming hero builds. So, here are the 3 types of roaming items.

1. Courage Mask

Courage Mask is an item that must be used if the roaming hero you are using is a Tank or Support type. Because this item has the following main effects:

  • +700 HP
  • +10% Cool Down Reduction
  • +25 Movement Speed

Courage Mask also has an active skill called Encourage, which will add 30% movement speed and 25% magic attack & physical attack to a team hero around him with a duration of 3 seconds. So when ganking, This Courage Mask will really help turn things around.

Lastly, Courage Mask has passive skills in the form of an additional 10% physical attack, magic attack, physical defense and magic defense for item users and team heroes around him.

2. Awe Mask

Basically, Awe Mask provides additional stats similar to Courage Mask, namely:

  • +700 HP
  • +10% Cool Down Reduction
  • +25 Movement Speed

But this roam item has an active passive skill crowd control which will be very helpful in ganking. To activate this passive skill, the user’s hero and the current team ganking, must attack the opponent’s hero with a basic attack 5 times.

If you are confused how many times you have attacked, a number will appear above the head of the hero who is being attacked.

The effect of this CC skill lasts for 1.5 seconds. After that, the Awe Mask will bereset and do cooldown for 30 seconds.

3. Shadow Mask

And the last discussion of the most mandatory Mobile Legend roam item is about Shadow Mask. This item also provides the same additional stats as the previous two items.

However, there is an active skill called Conceal that can add movement speed by 15% to heroes and surrounding teams. This effect lasts for 5 seconds, and will be very helpful when you want to kidnap an opponent’s hero.

One of the most required roaming heroes to use Shadow Mask is Kaja. Conceal will be useful when the opponent’s hero has run away and wants to be pulled back.

Thus the discussion of the most must-have Mobile Legend roam items. Whatever roaming hero build you want to use, make sure one of the three items above is included in the list.