Do 5 plastic surgeries at once in a day, these two nipples are even numb and blackened – A female model underwent five plastic surgery procedures in one day, and after that, her nipples turned black and the tissue died.

Alejandro Mercedes from Miami, Florida, has undergone a combined breast lift and implant replacement, liposuction on his back, and a skin lift procedure in one day.

However, three days later the two 25-year-old woman’s nipples became numb due to loss of all blood flow and turned black.

“What I can learn from this experience is that it is much better to only have one operation at a time,” said Alejandro. The Sun.

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Alejandra has been diagnosed with necrosis and is dealing with recovery problems and pain as her body can’t heal many things at once.

Alejandro Mercedes (Instagram)
Alejandro Mercedes (Instagram)

Necrosis is a condition of injury to cells that results in premature death of living cells and tissues.

The condition is caused by infection, toxins, or trauma, which makes digestion of cellular components irregular.

“My nipples were so black they looked like they were burning, completely dead. I was panicking and worried that I would look like I had cancer without nipples at all.”

Alejandra paid 20,000 USD (Rp 287.4 million) for five surgeries in one day.

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To cope with the pain, he was given a strong dose of painkillers.

“They gave me a cream to apply to the areas where I had necrosis, which allowed the dead skin to soften and fall off,” she explains.

Most worked, while others had to be cut with scissors.

However, then some of her breast muscles burst through the stitches and she had to have a second operation to restore the condition.

“Thankfully I recovered well after that,” he continued.

Now his condition has recovered and he recounts his bad experience in an e-book entitled ‘Results after the Cut’.

She wants to warn other women who are about to undergo plastic surgery for observation before the procedure, as a precaution against side effects.