Do not panic! This is How to Turn Off Talkback on OPPO Phones

How to turn off Talkback on OPPO Header phones

Gadgetren – On OPPO mobile phones, the Talkback feature is available which can make the system voice mention every menu, icon, application, content, or function touched by the user.

You could say the Talkback feature is intended to help users with special needs who have to use a mobile phone with voice guidance to make it easy to navigate and access.

Even though this feature is not active on OPPO phones by default, you might accidentally activate Talkback at some point. For some of you, this feature may be quite annoying because it will make a loud sound.

If you really feel disturbed by the Talkback feature on your OPPO cellphone, you can turn it off through the following guide quite easily.

How to turn off OPPO Talkback

  1. Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  2. Select menu Additional Settings
  3. Select menu Accessibility and access menu Talkback
  4. Press toggle button until gray
  5. Feature Talkback will be deactivated

Turning off OPPO Talkback

Actually, when you activate the Talkback feature, you will be asked by the system to learn how to use it, whether it’s to navigate, select menus, or run applications.

You could say when Talkback is active, the process of using OPPO cellphones will be slightly different than usual because there are indeed new stages that must be done.

For example, when you select a menu or application, the system will ask you to press it twice so that the command can be executed. Meanwhile, when scrolling a page, you have to use two fingers at once.

Likewise when following the steps to turn off the TalkBack feature where you have to press twice when selecting a menu so that you can navigate as usual to execute the required commands.

Not only the OPPO brand, in fact this feature has also been embedded by default directly on other smartphones and is indeed provided with the Android operating system. It’s just that the steps to access the TalkBack feature will be different for each mobile phone brand.