Do People with Comorbidities Still Need to Get Booster Vaccinations? – Covid-19 infection can be very risky, especially for groups with comorbidities or comorbidities. It is known, the group with comorbidities has a higher risk of severity when infected with Covid-19.

While the vaccination program is believed to be one of the efforts to prevent the severity of infection caused by the new type of corona virus.

The question is, are people with comorbidities and have already received two doses of vaccination still required to get a booster vaccine or a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine?

The Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19, dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro, the comorbid group was still asked to get a booster vaccine.

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He stated this when he filled the Health Radio broadcast: Health Protocols for Ramadan and Eid 1443 H, Monday (28/3/2022).

“For comorbid sufferers, it is the same as the guidelines for carrying out a complete vaccination beforehand. So we still need a booster if our condition is healthy and the disease is controlled,” said dr. Reisa.

However, if a comorbid patient hesitates to get a booster vaccination, dr. Reisa suggested that patients first consult with the nearest doctor or specialist. So that patients will get an affirmation of a sense of security and clarity on whether they can get a booster or not.

“If in doubt, you can consult or a private doctor, who really knows our health,” continued dr. Reisa.

Prior to booster vaccination, comorbid sufferers also need to bring a letter of recommendation from a doctor to be taken to the vaccination site.

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“You can ask for a letter of recommendation, so that a booster vaccine can be done. So you have to keep on boosting, right?” suggested dr. Reisa.

He continued that booster vaccines are very important for comorbid patients, considering that groups with comorbidities need to be protected to avoid the severity of Covid-19 infection.

“So you have to get a booster right away. And what kind of booster is the choice, it can be adjusted to the available vaccines, which must be in accordance with the previous primary vaccines,” concluded dr. Reisa.