Doctor Adib Khumaidi Officially Inaugurated as General Chair of PB IDI 2022-2025, Dr. Slamet Budiarto Becomes Deputy General Chairperson – Dr Muhammad Adib Khumaidi Sp OT was officially inaugurated as General Chair (Ketum) of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) for the 2022-2025 period, while Dr. Slamet Budiarti became Deputy General Chair (Waketum) at the 31st Congress in Banda Aceh City, Saturday ( 27/3/2022) early morning.

“Doctor Adib has been confirmed as general chairman. He was elected at the 30th IDI Congress in Samarinda,” said Chairman of the Committee for the 31st IDI Congress Dr Nasrul Musadir Alsa in Banda Aceh, quoted by Antara, Saturday (27/3/2022), early this morning. .

He further said that the mechanism for selecting a new chairman at IDI was different from that of other organizations.

Previously, Adib was elected as Chair of PB IDI for the 2022-2025 period at the 30th Congress in Samarinda in 2018.

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However, during the 2018-2022 period, he served as deputy general chairman until finally being confirmed as general chairman for the next period at the 31st Congress in Banda Aceh.

Meanwhile, the general chairman of the 2025-2028 period who was elected at the 31st IDI Congress in Banda Aceh, namely Dr. Slamet Budiarto.

In the management for the 2022-2025 period, Slamet first served as deputy general chairman, helping Adib Khumaidi

“So Doctor Slamet served as deputy general chairman first, later in 2025-2028 he will only serve as general chairman and will be confirmed in the next congress,” explained Nasrul.

In the general chairman election at the 31st IDI congress, Slamet bagged 418 votes. Followed by four other candidates such as Dr Mahesa Paranadipa with 344 votes, Dr Abraham Andi Padlan Patarai with 294 votes, Dr Zul Asdi with 255 votes and Dr Ahmad Fariz Malvi with 47 votes.

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