Don’t be silly, this sport is dangerous for people with high blood pressure! – High blood pressure can be treated by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. However, not all types of exercise are safe for people with high blood pressure.

Because, some physical exercise can increase blood pressure in the short term. Intense exercise that is done in a short time, such as sprinting or lifting weights can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure.

“This exercise raises your blood pressure quickly and puts too much strain on your heart and blood vessels,” says Blood Pressure UK

Some extreme sports, such as scuba diving or skydiving, can be dangerous if your blood pressure is out of control.

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Before undertaking such extreme activities, you need medical approval from a doctor. You can consult before doing extreme sports.

Apart from that, squash is also another activity to avoid to protect yourself from a heart attack.

Running illustration.  (Pexels/Mentatdgt/funcrevidn)
Running illustration. (Pexels/Mentatdgt/funcrevidn)

There are other, more beneficial exercises to consider if you are aiming to lower blood pressure. For example, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, dancing, gardening, tennis and jogging.

You can also do aerobic exercise that makes the heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles work.

Any movement in aerobic exercise for 30 minutes every day and 5 times a week can be beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

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If exercising every day for 30 minutes is difficult enough, you can divide the activity into three 10-minute sessions. Divide the activity into three 10-minute sessions.

“This will help you build strength and get used to new activities,” says Pressure UK Express.

If you are not interested, you can do martial arts, dance, yoga and pilates for sports.

In fact, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator is a physical exercise that can be done while on the move.